Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Take One Step Closer to Buying Your Own Home with Freedom Debt Relief

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Saving for the purchase of a new home is sometimes easier said than done. You know that your credit needs to be in good shape, and you know you should have 20% saved for a down payment, but getting to that point can be difficult. To save for a down payment, you need to have extra money that you can put aside each month, which not everybody does. And the more expensive the home, the more you’ll need to save. If you are in debt and struggling to make ends meet, there is good news. The Freedom Debt Relief program could help you get one step closer to achieving your dream of homeownership.

Saving for a Home – Where Do You Start?

If you have made the decision to save for a home, the best way to start is with a plan. Research the market to get a general idea of home prices so you can determine how much you’ll need to put aside. Once you have a savings goal, try to decide on the ways that you can reach it. The fastest two ways that you can do this are by earning more and spending less.

You can earn more money by doing things like taking on a part-time job. This could be delivering pizzas, driving for Uber, or even babysitting. Or, if you have a talent or hobby that you enjoy such as making jewelry or woodworking, turn this into a side business and earn a little money off it too. Another way to generate more money is by selling things you no longer need. Have a garage sale or list things online for sale. Just make sure to stay disciplined with putting this money aside each month as you work towards your goal. 

By reducing your expenses, you can also free up money to save for a down payment. This can be done a number of ways. First, take a good look at what you are spending your money on. Is there anything that really isn’t necessary that you could give up, at least for a while? Be mindful and track your expenses. This simple awareness can shed new light on your spending habits. Additionally, take a look at the bills you pay each month. Are there ways to get these down? For example, adjusting the temperature on your air conditioner when you are at work each day could decrease your energy bill by up to 15 percent.

Speaking of bills, how much are you paying on credit cards each month? If you are simply making minimum payments, it could take a long time to pay them off. The money you are paying on these balances each month could be going towards your future home instead. And this is where the Freedom Debt Relief program could help. With this program, you could become free of credit card debt, leaving more money available to put aside for a downpayment on your home.

What is Freedom Debt Relief?

Freedom Debt Relief is a program designed to help you resolve your debt quickly and for less than you owe. The program is customized specifically to your needs by one of their Certified Debt Consultants. So, you could receive significant savings compared to making your minimum payments each month. Plus, you could pay your debt off much quicker. 

Because our debt consultants are highly skilled in settlement negotiation, they will create the best negotiation strategy for your settlements, work through the timing and details of each one, and could also leverage your accounts against each other to negotiate even bigger savings. Once a settlement is reached with one of your creditors, they will contact you for approval. And you pay no fee until they have successfully settled the account for you. 

Want to learn more about how Freedom Debt Relief could help you get one step closer to home ownership? Give them a call today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Can I Stop Foreclosure by Filing for Bankruptcy?

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The number of foreclosure filings in the United States has come down since 2011, but the data will still shock you as there were a total of 956,864 filings in 2016 and 203,108 home repossessions. The foreclosure rate as of June 2017 is 1 in every 1,789 homes, with the top states being New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, and Florida.

Thankfully, the other states are doing better, but are not without concerns. Take Arizona, for example.

The foreclosure rate in Arizona is 1 in every 2,758 homes, which is better than the national average. However, the foreclosure rate in Arizona is up 20% over last year, even though nationally it is coming down, making this a cause for worry. What happens to your home if you are filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Arizona because you might have also fallen behind on your mortgage payments? Will you be able to keep your home, or will the lender take it away? By understanding a little about bankruptcy help in Scottsdale and across the state, you can prevent home foreclosure.

Get a Stay Order

The court will issue an ‘order for relief’ automatically when you file for bankruptcy. Once you have the ‘automatic stay’, the creditors have no other option but to cease all collection activities immediately. Even if your home is already scheduled for foreclosure, it is going to be legally postponed, usually for 3 to 4 months. This will give you the much needed time to make alternative arrangements, perhaps even to pay back the money.

There Are Two Exceptions

You may not get the ‘automatic stay’ order in these two cases,

• The lender may get permission from the bankruptcy court to proceed with the sale. In this case, you may not have the full 3 to 4 months. But even then, you will be able to postpone the sale by 2 months at least.

• The automatic stay order cannot help you if the foreclosure sale notice has already been issued. The lender can file a motion for lifting the stay and can ask the court for permission to schedule a sale.

How Filing for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Helps

You Chapter 13 bankruptcy filing will let you pay the ‘arrearage’ or unpaid payments over a long time, sometimes up to 5 years. However, you need to be earning enough to make the current mortgage as well as the arrearage payments. You can avoid foreclosure if you are able to make these payments till the end of the repayment plan.

Chapter 13 might also eliminate the payments on your 2nd or 3rd mortgage.

Chapter 7 and Foreclosure

You cannot cancel the foreclosure with Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing. But you will get an exemption from the tax liability on losses a lender incurs when you default.

When you purchased the home, you had to sign two documents – a promissory note for repaying the loan, and a security agreement that can be recorded as a lien for enforcing performance on the promissory note. You can get rid of the personal liability with Chapter 7, but not the lien.

Many of us work hard to make enough money to buy a home. But a lot of people fall behind on the mortgage and lose their home because of an economic downturn. Filing for bankruptcy provides a much-needed second chance. You will get the all-important time to find alternatives, structure a new payment plan and eventually save your home.

Monday, August 7, 2017

What To Look For When Trying To Find The Right Used Car Online

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Buying a car online has been seen as a risky thing to do in the past. People often fear that they may be stretching a little too far and taking a risk with a sight-unseen purchase. However, there are a few things to look out for when finding the right car. You can easily do these things online by searching for the correct information you need to cypher through something that looks fishy and don’t make sense and details that stand up to scrutiny.

Search in the right places

Various search engines that are specifically designed for selling cars are better than other and most certainly better than looking on broad search engines Google. However look for unconventional websites that may be selling just the car you’ve been looking for such as eBay and Craigslist. For a more targeted approach look on websites like Autos, Auto trader, and the top car selling website in the country. Most of these sites will provide you with options to narrow down your search, such as the color, engine, displacement, registration year, model, warranty, insurance and sometimes even horsepower. These kinds of website specialize in giving consumers the most amount of information and demand that sellers who use their website, supply adequate information as one of the terms and conditions.

Look far and wide

Whatever part of the country you might be in, focus purely on the quality of the car. You should see this purchase of a car, not just as a way to make life easier with your own transport, but as an investment. Putting restrictions on your desires will lead to misfortunate decisions being made. Don’t ever limit your search as a cheaper and better car may be further from you, but ultimately, you’ll be saving in the long run, than if you settle for a closer but more expensive car. With the services of a company like Shiply, they can deliver the car to you or bring it closer to you, so you can pick it up, and not have to miss a day of work. Such companies have been tried and tested, and all delivery companies on the website are feedback rated, so you can choose who is trustworthy and who you want to avoid.

Research the model

You should make sure you’re not driven by emotion, and just because the car looks fine in the pictures and all the paperwork seems to check out, there may be hidden niggles underneath the surface. Check the model online and see if you can spot any alarming patterns. The model may have been recalled by the manufacturer for defective engineering standards or faulty design. It's wise to trawl around car forums and read anonymous comments about the model you're interested in. You may find the feedback from people who own the car you’re after, have bad experiences and find they’re paying to constantly fix a particular component.

Target your search and don’t wander aimlessly around search engines which aren’t purposely designed for people to sell their used cars. Don’t put limitations on your search because the car may be too far out of perceived reach. And, make sure you thoroughly research the model you’re interested in, detailing its history and track record.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Small Business Tips for Small Budgets

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If you’re thinking about a change in career, the only thing that may be holding you back is money. Whether you need it to study to gain new qualifications or you need it to invest in a business idea, if you haven’t got the money, it can seem like you’re at a dead end. However, there may be more options than you think. Starting a small business doesn’t always require a big cash injection. Here are some business ideas you could start working on with little to no start-up cash needed.

Bespoke Products

Unique is in fashion! So, if you have the talent to make something completely unique, it’s almost guaranteed that you could sell it. Perhaps you’d like to sell your artwork or fancy the idea of restoring furniture. For many people, it’s money they’re already spending if they’re doing it as a hobby anyway. It’s free to set up accounts on websites, like Etsy, and you can market your products via social media, which is also free. You can accept payments from customers by using PayPal and you’ll only lose a small percentage of your fee. However, that percentage does keep you and your customers safe.

Sell Something

Perhaps you have a passion for fashion and a keen eye for the latest must-have items. There can be costs involved in setting up a store to sell items, whether it’s a bricks and mortar store or an online store. Obviously, you must think about the cost of buying stock in preparation for your opening, and you’ll always have to consider tax and quality dividends. What are qualified dividends you ask – here is a comprehensive guide. However, if you choose to sell online, you’ll avoid the costs of rent and utilities. Once the initial costs have been paid, you’ll find that you’ll have more money coming in than you have going out.

Use Your Talents

Often times, starting a business with little money is all about being resourceful. What can you offer? Do you have admin experience? Are you good at writing? Perhaps you enjoy spending time on social media and keeping up with the latest updates. There are plenty of jobs you can do where all you need is a laptop and an internet connection. For instance, a virtual personal assistant or a freelance web designer. Choose a business name for yourself, set up a business email account and start offering your services. You can bid for jobs on websites like Upwork.

Use the Talents of Others

You can find many websites that offer freelancers work, but you can also use these websites to get work done. When you’re starting out a small business, there’ll be lots of things you may not be able to do for yourself. For example, creating a business logo or designing a website. You can keep costs down by hiring freelancers who are willing to do free revisions. It’s a great way to get your business branded at a relatively low cost.

A change in career doesn’t have to complicated or expensive, so consider all your options before you give up.

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Uncover The Secrets Of Cheaper Car Insurance

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You might think that buying a car is the most expensive part of purchasing a vehicle. After all, your average car could cost you well over ten thousand if bought brand new. And if you’re not buying brand new then you are still looking at spending a couple thousand. Of course, the big advantage of that purchase is that once you have bought the car that heavy cost is over. You own the vehicle now, and that’s not true for an annual car cost like insurance. Insurance can be a fortune and might mean that even though you can afford to buy your dream car, you can’t actually afford to drive it or keep it on the road. 

Luckily, there are ways to cut down your insurance costs and ensure that it doesn’t become a burden that you can’t handle. Let’s look at a few of the possibilities. 

Keep Things Easy For Your Insurance Company

You might already have a car insurance company providing coverage for your vehicle. If that’s the case, then you will have been in contact with them on occasion to make changes to your policy or plans. When you do this, it’s important to make things as easy as possible for them. You might think that as the customer, the company should be bending over backwards to accommodate your needs. However, if you can make things easy for the company they may well reward you. An example would be moving home. Moving to a new location will always affect your insurance costs. If you tell your insurance company as quickly as possible, they might provide you a discount on your new policy, simply because you didn’t leave it too late.

Let Them Watch You

Insurance is always going to be higher for drivers who are more dangerous on the roads. They are more likely to crash, damage the vehicle and mount up a fortune in repair bills. What if you could prove to your insurance company that you are a safe bet on the roads? Well, a lot of insurance companies these days provide you with that option. Usually advertised as a driver monitoring system, this will provide feedback about your level of driving and how safe you are on the roads. If you’re lucky, this will drive the costs of your insurance right down. In most cases, evidence of poor driving won’t increase your policy, but you might want to ask the coverage provider you choose about this to make sure.

Suggest Switching 

It’s easy to switch your car insurance these days. If you start a car insurance quote online, you’ll be able to find out in minutes which company is going to offer you the best deal. But is the best deal always being advertised? If you want the cheapest car insurance deal, try calling up your current provider. Politely suggest you are considering switching to another provider because they are offering a better price. You might find that your current provider is able to match or even improve the advertised deal.

It is worth sticking with one insurance provider because these companies tend to reward loyalty. One way to show loyalty is to get multiple forms of insurance from the same company. Even if one isn’t the cheapest option compared to other companies on the market, buying all your insurance from one company could save you a lot of money in the long term. 

Add An Experienced Driver To Your Policy

You might be thinking about purchasing your first car, and you’ve discovered the cost of insuring it is insane. You should think about putting a more experienced driver as the main policy holder. By doing this, it counterweights your inexperience on the roads and helps you appear to be less of a risk to insurance providers.

Play Around With Your Policy

Not everyone needs the exact same coverage with their car insurance. Some features just aren’t going to be that useful for you. For instance, if you only drive on average twenty miles from home, do you need national recovery support? Of course not as a feature like this will push up the price. That’s why it’s worth investigating your policy carefully and exploring the add ons that may be costing you more than they are worth. Another possibility would be to reduce the mileage on your car policy. To do this, consider using public transportation more often and your car less. You’ll find that cost of insuring the vehicle drops considerably.

These are just some of the ways that you can get the cheapest car insurance coverage available. However, another possibility would be to ask the insurer what effects the price of the policy. Not all companies follow the same guidelines when determining the cost so if you can find out the specific factors that come into play for the company you choose you’ll be able to tick off all the right boxes.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What You Can Get From Warrior Trading

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When you are looking for a solution to your career questions, it is smart to look towards day trading. Day trading can be lucrative endeavor, if you have the time and inclination to learn how to do it properly. 

More than 90% of day traders lose money. That is a fact. But the small percentage that ends up in the black are educated and trained to spot hot stocks and take advantage of them. Where does that training come from.

Glad you asked. It comes from day trading education sites like Warrior Trading. You can go to this interactive brokers homepage to see all the resources that their team of veteran instructors offers for novice traders. It ranges from online video courses to free chat room days that help aspiring traders get the lay of the land to trading simulators that offer risk-free practical experience in a paper trading environment.

Day trading education starts with learning the techniques and strategies to be able to spot patterns in a chaotic market. Volatility is good for day tradings in the same way it is bad for long term investors. There are daily opportunities for profit in examining smaller companies and lower-tier stocks that can move 40-50% on earnings news or other catalysts. 

For the gap & go strategy, in particular, there are technical indicators like the float, or number of share available for purchase on the market, that allow you to spot gappers that are about to shoot up. Warrior Trading teaches you how to find these stocks that are gapping up, or prices higher in the morning than they were at the close of the market the previous day.

That is just one strategy that Warrior Trading can teach new traders trying to break into the market. And after you complete the courses to be an educated day trader, it pays to spend time in a paper trading environment in order to get the experience necessary to move forward into real trading. Warrior instructors insist on encouraging new traders to hit $200 a day in profits in a simulator for at least a month, before going out into the regular market.

And Warrior Trading has a chat room that allows novice traders and veteran traders to hang out, trade tips and watch Warrior instructors call out positions and trade in real time. The educational aspect of the free day trading chat room is unmatched by rival day trading education sites.

For more on Warrior Trading and what the instructors can do for your day trading education, search for Warrior Trading on Twitter.