Sunday, February 12, 2017

In A Financial Pickle? Don't Panic!

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Every so often we all find ourselves in a less than ideal financial situation. Maybe you’ve had to be out of work for a while, maybe the pipes have burst and you need a plumber to come and fix them, there really is no limit to the number of things that can go wrong and cause you to end up with less money than you planned. The problem is that life doesn’t just stop because of that. Bills still need to be paid and you still need to buy food, clothes and every other necessity. Well don’t panic! There are plenty of things that you can do to get yourself out of this financial trouble. Don’t worry if you’re life is already busy enough, these are all the kinds of things that you can do around even the most packed schedule.

Sell your stuff

Let's be totally honest, we all have plenty of stuff that we simply don't use cluttering up our homes. Whether it's a wardrobe full of clothes that you don't wear or an attic filled with boxes of knick-knacks that you'll never find a place for, you definitely have at least a few things knocking around that you can afford to part with. Sites like eBay are a brilliant way to clear out your home and make some fast cash while doing it.

Take out a loan

If you need a slightly larger sum all at once then why not consider taking out a personal loan. A lot of the times people assume that they simply don't have a high enough credit score to do that, but there are some companies who offer bad credit personal loans to just about anyone. Just make sure that you're in a position to actually pay back the installments and keep an eye on the interest rate. You don't want to end up paying back double what you originally borrowed.

Do some odd jobs

There are plenty of great apps that you can download onto your phone right now that allow you to take on odd jobs and gigs in the very short term. This means that you have the chance to pick and choose exactly what you want to do and you don't get tied into anything long term, which is extremely useful if you're only stopping somewhere for a little while and will be moving on soon.

Sell your plasma

Plasma donation is very similar to giving blood. An amount of your blood is removed via a syringe, the plasma is then separated from the red blood cells, and your blood is returned to your body with a sterile solution that helps it create new plasma. The whole procedure takes a couple of hours at most for a first visit, even less on subsequent occasions, and you can make some seriously quick cash. The amount that you get paid varies from place to place so it's a good idea to contact wherever you can donate plasma in your area to find out how much they will pay.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top Secrets to Minimize Increase in Premium Due to New Drivers

new drivers outstanding premium
So, your kid is old enough to drive already. However, whenever he gets behind the wheel, a surge of panic always seems to arise. What should you do? You need to show the kid you have full confidence in him, but you do not want to be all worried when the payment time comes around.

When a teenager comes onto a policy, car insurance providers automatically increase the premium. It is their default action, for the same reason you get all tensed up when your teenage kid starts driving. Surprisingly, they increase the rates to as much as 60 percent. What should you do lessen the additional cost?

Here are some secrets you can use to minimize increase in premium:

First, compare car insurance quotes online. A very basic thing to do and yet, it is significantly effective. Not all car insurance companies will charge as much when a teen driver is involved.

Look for particular ones that do not raise the value or offer very minimal increase. Take your time. You need to be patient when doing this. If you need to make things fast, try looking for quote comparison sites.

Second, add the teen driver to your policy. This will help them attain the same benefits and discounts that you get. If you opt for individual coverage, it may boost their independency level but it will surely bore a hole in your pocket.

Third, gets the teen driver extra training to hone their driving skills. The kid needs to pass a driving test before being allowed to have a license. Additional classes aim to simply show the provider that the kid is willing to be cautious and conscientious when driving, the best to take is the defensive driving course.

Fourth, make sure you provide you provider a heads up regarding the circumstance change. Whatever happens, make sure that you keep the provider posted. If the car is not used often, chances are it will not affect the policy offers.

Fifth, a good student is a good driver. If your kid is very skilled individual when it comes to academics, then good for you! Many auto insurance providers correlate good grades with the ability of the teen driver to drive.

Good grades mean a responsible and mature individual. Be proud of your kid’s accomplishments. It is always a great pay-off and it can save you money.

Last but not the least; make sure that you pick the right car for your kid. The kind of car being driven by the teenager plays a crucial role in the premium increase. The auto insurance providers opt for safe and reliable cars, instead of the sporty ones with fast acceleration.

These simple tips will surely help alleviate some of your worries as a parent of a teen driver. Do not forget them. Start early and try to meet the requirements ahead of time. Compare car insurance quotes now before your kids reach the driving age!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Cash Control: Securing Your Finances For The Future And Beyond

secure your finances for future
What's stressing you out? Weight, work, family issues?

If you are like most people, it could be money problems. There are no shortage of reasons why money can cause stress to our lives. We can struggle to find jobs, struggle to pay our bills, our property may have lost value, and it might be too expensive to afford petrol. This stress can be controlled, though, and we needn't freak out. While you can't completely eliminate stress, you can get your finances in order, so there is one less thing for you to worry about! Managing your finances and coping with stress can improve your outlook. Can you now see the link between your health and finance?

If your financial health is in a poor state, no amount of stress or worry will change that. Grab control, focus and push ahead.

The first key aspect of getting on top of your money is to assess your financial situation. Calculate your levels of debt and build a clear picture of your income and expenses. Spend less than you earn to build an excess that can be used to pay off your debt, or saved up if you have no debts. This is a good rule to keep no matter how much you are earning. Track your spending as a well. A budget is the perfect indicator of your financial health and can show you exactly where you are going wrong with your cash. A budget can show you what you are spending highly on and thus help you cut down on overspending. If you grow your excess between income and spend, you can start thinking about setting up a direct debit savings plan that will transplant 5% of your monthly salary into your savings account. This creates a great foundation for your future and can allow you to invest.

The other side of this is being in relative financial health, but not being really in control of your cash. It's never too early to plan your estate for the future with estate planning attorneys, and it could give you a clear picture of exactly what you need to do. If you want to invest, seek advice before you pledge money to causes and make sure you know what you are getting into. Having money can be as stressful as not having it.

If you are running into issues with debt, it's likely that a bank loan, a payday loan or a credit card is involved. We have trouble with lending as a species, and when given the tools, we can rack up the debt with ease. The interest rates on many loans can be truly unforgiving and quite the trap. This debt can be a huge cause of stress and a massive block to improving your financial health. Make sure you pay off more than the minimum payment on these kinds of debt to escape from them as soon as possible. If you have a credit card, pay the monthly balance off as soon as possible.

Whatever your situation, keep in control of your cash and secure your finances for the future.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Financial Help After Being Made Disabled: What To Do

physical & financial disabled
It can be a difficult time if you have gone through a traumatic incident that has left you unable to cope, either mentally or physically. If, for example, you have had a car accident that has left you without the use of a limb can be a stressful change in life, one that you and your loved ones will have to get used to. And it will be a change in your day to day activities; you may have to give up your job as you are unable to do that type of work anymore. It can feel like a big part of your livelihood has been taken away, and you may struggle to make bill payments. Getting financial help when you are in any form of debt is a stressful process, but if you have been made disabled, there are benefits you can claim, and there is help for you.

In America, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is managed by the Social Security Administration and is for people that are unable to be employed due to a physical disability. If you are unable to work, the SSDI is what you would apply for first. It can be given on a temporary or permanent basis, and this is dependent on your disability. It can be a long process to file for disability, so you shouldn’t waste time in getting your application sent off. You could apply for the SSDI and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) at the same time. The difference is that SSI is means tested.

Sometimes, it can be a stressful process trying to obtain any form of benefit. If you have any difficulty in trying to obtain disability benefit, there are law firms, such as LaPorte Law Firm, that have the experience in that sector and can help to make the process as stress free as possible. You are always better approaching a lawyer that has a track record in dealing with those types of cases as opposed to one who specializes in a different type of law. The difference in cost can vary, a lawyer less experienced in that field may charge less, but this can mean the difference between quality over quantity.

When applying for any disability benefit, you may be subject to a lot of examination and questioning. To make it an easier process, and a less stressful one, make sure you keep a copy of your paperwork for reference just in case it gets lost. The importance of providing as much information as possible, such as medical records, and examination results, will help to make your application as speedy as possible.

If you get denied on the initial claim, you can file it again to be reconsidered. Make sure that you do it immediately, and within the 60 days of the denial date as well as 5 extra days to allow for postage. If circumstances have changed in your condition since then, such as new treatment dates, these must be included in the new paperwork.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Handling The Finances Of A Loved One After Their Death

will for family
Suffering a bereavement of a loved one is bad enough. Handling the affairs of someone after they have passed on can be additional stress that you don’t need. There can be months of liaising with the banks and dealing with the authorities on top of the stress you are going through. There is the matter of dealing with the probate. If you are named in a will as an executor of their estate, you may need to apply for probate. This is a legal document which gives you the authority to share out the estate in accordance with what the will stipulates. But what if there is no will? What is the process then? It is quite a surprise how many people don’t leave a will, which not only causes problems in accessing the estate, but also a number of rifts it may cause among family members. Handling any financial affairs of your closest family members, or distant relatives who didn’t have anyone close to them can feel like a stress that you don’t need. But it is a necessary action that needs to be taken so they can be given the send-off they deserve, but also the process can be dealt with as little bumps and obstacles as possible.

When A Loved One Dies…

The process after a relative passes away, of course, begins with the funeral. The costs of the funeral usually will come from the deceased. If they have suffered a terminal disease, they may have already paid for the funeral already. If this is not the case, the funeral costs come from the estate, if the deceased has enough money in it. Otherwise, a relative or friend would pay for it and reclaim the costs from the estate, but that is if there is enough money in the estate. If you are looking to pay for the funeral, you should check with the estate to see you can recover the money afterward. If you or anyone is unable to make any payment towards the funeral, the local hospital or council can arrange for one, but this is usually a cremation, and you are unable to choose the date of the service, it also tends to be a short service. This should be a very last option if there are no funds to cover the funeral, so if you can afford to cover the costs or most of the costs of the service, it is a much better approach for everyone.

Other options available to you include asking the bank to see if they would allow the deceased’s remaining funds in the account to cover the funeral. But, upon a person’s death, the bank would freeze the account. The option, in that case, would be to either contact the executor or administrator of the estate; this is dependent on a will being present. If there is no will, you could speak to the bank to see if they will release the money. Some banks can do this, but you will need to have a copy of the death certificate and an invoice from the funeral home that would have your name on it. In these circumstances, you must make sure that you have proof of ID. It can be very tempting to access the money direct from the bank account if you have the information, but you could run into a whole mess of legal problems, so you are best doing it by the book. The only exception to the rule is when there is a joint account.

After The Funeral…

Once the funeral has been and gone or depending on when the funeral is, the financial affairs of the deceased needs to be sorted. By informing the authorities of the person’s death, such as the utility companies (gas, water, electric, etc.), you can get the accounts closed down and if they were owed money back or underpaid on their bills. If they did not pay enough on their bills, the money in the estate would go to cover the bills. If the estate does not have enough money to cover the bills, the two options are either to check if the deceased had an insurance policy that would pay out on the result of their death, such as a payment protection policy. The other option is that the relatives are liable. In the instance that there was a joint account held by the deceased, the other holder of the account is liable.

The probate process can be a complex one when there is a will, and there are people named in the will as the executor of the estate. In the event that there is no will, the probate process becomes a much longer and drawn out affair. In this instance, you will need to go down the legal route and speak to a lawyer. You also need to apply for a document that will make you the administrator of the estate. The way the administrator is determined is based on a set order of priority and is usually who is the closest in terms of relation. The order of priority is usually this:
  1. Married or civil partner of the deceased.
  2. Child of the deceased.
  3. Grandchild of the deceased.
  4. Parent of the deceased.
  5. Sibling of the deceased.
  6. Nephew or niece of the deceased.
  7. Another relative of the deceased.
Unfortunately, a person who is an unmarried partner or same-sex partner who hasn’t been named in the will is unable to act as an administrator. If the deceased has left a will, it will ultimately make the whole probate process much easier, but this can still take a long time, depending on the size of the estate. The larger the estate, it usually means there are more legal hoops to jump through.

The will itself will be subject to scrutiny from all angles. Sometimes there may be an issue with the will, or it may be contested by others for various reasons. This is, unfortunately, a common occurrence, and the best approach is, to prevent any more delays, to seek legal advice on the matter. There are firms, such as Brooks, Leboeuf, Bennett, Foster, & Gwartney P.A that specialize in helping to either draft wills or to seek a speedy resolution to the issue. By seeking legal advice, it can add more fuel to the fire, but when there is a contesting in the will, the best way is to get the problem resolved with as little fuss as possible. This can be heartbreaking for people involved, because of the fact that it is something else adding to the stress, but if it isn’t dealt with early on, it can take years to get sorted.

As the will should clearly set out the fine details of the estate, this will make for an easier process in terms of the sharing of the estate and the probate process. Depending on the details of the will and the amount of estate that needs to be shared out, this will affect the amount of time it takes. If you are looking to get probate for a relative’s estate, it can take months and then another year on top to finalize the administration. If the will is very clear in who gets the finances, for example, if it all goes to charity, the whole process can be over in a matter of weeks. On the other hand, the process can take years. It can be frustrating, especially if you are feeling pressured to get the estate issues sorted as soon as possible, but the best advice is to take your time and make sure you understand every aspect of being an executor or administrator of the estate.

What can you learn from this? The bottom line of the matter is; if you haven’t already created a will, then this is something that you really need to think about. By creating a will that marks out what your estate is and how it is to be shared out, in terms that are clear and to the point, it will avoid the major headaches that it can cause your loved ones. If you are currently in a relationship but are not married, this can cause issues for your partner if you were to pass away and wish them to take over the estate. When an estate of a deceased person comes into question, there are many issues that need to be addressed, and it can be a myriad of information. There can be arguments over aspects of the will that are unclear, so by making your will easy to understand and knowing exactly what you have that makes up your estate, from shares you had 30 years ago, to your home, you need to be as clear as water in each aspect. So, if you haven’t set out a will giving clear details as to who receives what, and making sure that it is free from errors and ambiguities, it is now time to make sure that is done.

Monday, February 6, 2017

4 Advantages of Manufactured Housing

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Did you know that over 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes? This could mean motor homes, prefabricated housing or even a mobile home. Either way, a lot of Americans choose to live in manufactured housing, but why?

In fact, what does manufactured housing even mean and what does it imply? In most parts of the United States, manufactured housing is called a mobile home. It usually refers to a home that is built entirely in a factory and then delivered to prospective clients. Now that’s out of the way, let’s explore some of the reasons why manufactured housing is such a big draw to so many Americans.

1. It’s very cheap

If you look at mobile homes for sale, you’ll realise that they can start at a ridiculously low price of $23,000. Compared to the median price of a house in the United States (which is $188,900), you could buy roughly eight mobile homes for the price of a single “standard” house. That is an incredible value that cannot be ignored. $23,000 is just the base price of a simple studio-like apartment mobile home, but it doesn’t cost much more to upgrade to a larger mobile home. Since the cost of the home is so low, you can afford to upgrade the mobile home with several improvements and furnish it with top-end furniture.

2. Modability

Many manufactured houses are modular, meaning that you can install “modules” or remove them at will and customise your mobile home. This means you can add multiple bedrooms, bathrooms and customise the layout without much trouble. Since the building process is so flexible, you can save a lot of money in the building process and you’ll have total control over what you want. Of course, you’ll have to pay extra for a custom-built mobile home, but it will still be a lot cheaper than buying a normal home.

3. Energy Efficiency

Manufactured houses have a major advantage over traditional homes in the energy efficiency department. Builders take a lot of care when they install appliances into a mobile home and they make sure to use energy efficient parts in everything from the cooking stove to the heating and cooling systems. Windows are also very solid to prevent cold air from seeping in, and overall a mobile home has been delicately crafted to ensure that it lasts for a long time and isn’t a disposable home that you can throw away in the future.

4. Extended Warranty

New mobile homes are subject to a very appealing warranty scheme. If you think about the times when you needed something repaired and it took forever to get a repairman to come and fix a light bulb or a plumber to repair a leaky pipe, then you’ll probably want to avoid using those services ever again. With a mobile home, there are many extended warranty plans that will cover not just the home itself, but the appliances and inner workings of your home, meaning that repairs are swift, cheap and easy to perform.