Thursday, January 28, 2010

We are Debt free! Its sounds very interesting in this financial situation.

We're Debt free! everyone want to say this but it is not easy to say for those who are suffering from debt problems. But now there are huge number of financial companies available those who are providing debt free service. Actually they will consolidate your debts with some percent of charges.

Now the question is "Will it really helpful for us?" & "How long it will take?" So, in this case I feel we need to know the information from the experience person those who really got some help from them.

Actually we always used to get suggestions & advice to get out of debt problems but we didn't get the to know the real scenario from a experienced person. But today suddenly I got one video from "you tube" while searching the information for my new blog post.

So, just have a look in this video it is really interesting. Thanks "you tube" for this informative video.

So, How was the video? Will it helpful for you guys? Please share your feedback & suggestions. And another thing if you have any this type of experiences please feel free to explore yourself. Have a nice weekend ahead.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Here is your money management tips for 2010.

Saving is not very difficult as it sounds. Actually I am not making you afraid that if you will not saving then it will kill you before the world ends at 2012 nothing like that. Actually here are few suggestions how you can save more than your expectation in 2010.

1. Just calculate the total amount which you are spending for your kitchen paper. Instead of using kitchen papers use cloth napkins. Because you can use it after wash. So in this way you may save near about $75 to $80 a year.

2. If all of your family members are working then you just unplug your cable connection. Because it’s wasting of your money and you may able to save approx $500 plus per year.

3. Regarding electronic gadgets we are generally using digital camera. So, if your are using this lot then just use rechargeable batteries. It will save your money.

4. If your family members have mobile phones then why are you using land phone connection? I have disconnected my land connection & also using skype. In this way you will able to save.

5. As we know that chopped & shredded vegetables, fruits, cheese, fish & meat much more costly then the un-chopped. So, purchase un-chopped instead of buying chopped. And do it yourself at your home.

6. Try to find the ways of exercise which is free of cost like free hand, yoga etc. & stop going to gym. Because we paid a good amount to our respective gym through out the year. So, in this way you may save more than $250 per year.

7. Try to avoid printer, ok if it is not possible then don’t use it unnecessarily. Because the ink cartridges are very costly. And save more than $65 to $70 per year.

Here is one important announcement all the above 8 points out of the hundred. You can start more saving with the help of these points & I am sure you all get more effective points to save. So, I am expecting some reply with some other important points. Waiting for your reply and wishing you happy financial year 2010 ahead.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year to All ....Hope you all will get a good Financial Year ahead.

HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of my friends. Wishing you a very fruitful financial year ahead. I Hope you all will wish the same for me. In 2009 we have got something & loose something too financial. And i know that you all have learn some lesson from there.

So, friends what is your financial resolution this year. Whether you are investing somewhere or plan to extent your business. I really want to know. And Financial resolution is what ever financial steps i will take throughout this 2010 i will take it very carefully. And beside this for everything i have to tally with the entire market for its future prospect. I want to suggest you guys the same.

Due to the recession last year beginning was not so good for all of us. But this year market is near about stable. So, hope everything will go fine.

So, guys just boost yourself & face this new year financial & expect the unexpected profit. All the best from my end. But all of you please share your financial resolutions of this new year through comment below.