Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bankruptcy and Credit Card Consolidation as a Solution

It is a fact of life that sometimes circumstances contrive to snow you under and make you feel overwhelmed by your financial state. These unseen and massive expenses could be anything from sudden unemployment to ill medical health to plain frivolous spending. Whatever your case may be, the simplest piece of advice anyone can give you is to close up that wallet and tighten your spending even if you want to spend money on whatever it is your heart fancies. Most people that file for bankruptcy are stricken by poor fiscal management, their problems compounded either by poor saving habits or by their free-spending ways. But why live beyond your means at all because bankruptcy, or being close to it, demands an immediate lifestyle change.

One of the simplest ways to get through your personal financial crisis is to budget everything the way one might ration food. Keep a track of your spending and you will suddenly see things that are unnecessary and can easily be done away with. And above all, cut your credit cards out of your life. If you feel that you won't be able to resist temptation at all, cut those credit cards quite literally and begin to pay only for what you can buy in cash. This is a sure-fire way of curbing a lifestyle that is lavish beyond your means. A good idea if you do want to hold on to that credit card at all is to put something on your card only if you know that you have the money is in your account to pay off the credit card bill. Use that credit card as a convenience, not a luxury.

Inevitably, when someone talks about spending money and curtailing it, debt consolidation comes up as a suggestion for those with debt management issues. If you have a credit card that weighs you down, the solution generally takes on the form of credit card consolidation. This means you take all of that debt and lump it on one loan which is generally of a lower rate so that you're only paying off the one debt and you don't have to miss or juggle any payment dates. On the looks of it, the idea is a winner, but when you come to think of it, it's not really all that it's made out to be. Once the debt is consolidated, many people no longer feel the pinch of having to make repayments to anyone and everyone that comes knocking on their door and this leads to a certain laxity.

This can lead to a spending spree, and you know what that will mean. After being lulled into a false state of security, said person falls into the credit card debt trap once again. Credit card debt Consolidation is a temporary solution and not the full-time fix many make it out to be. To pull this off you need a certain financial savvy and a sense of restraint that many people don't have. Ironically, if that sense of restraint was there in the first place credit card consolidation would not be needed. So while credit card consolidation is an excellent option to solve your financial woes, be aware that it is not a perfect alternative to filing for personal bankruptcy. The best way to beat bankruptcy is a sense of discipline and loads of common sense. Keep those close at hand and your debt woes could soon be a thing of yesterday.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Importance of Life Insurance

Our life is full of uncertainty. Nobody can stop the unwanted incidents which come in a life time. What we can do is to equip us more accurately so that the situations can be more efficiently tackled. So the two important things comes out from the topic that “Uncertainty” &” Equip”.

It is very unpredictable that at which point of time one will have to face the odd. So, as the process of making one equipped we have got some proven and acceptable ways. That’s why we call Insurance; the assured way of getting some monetary benefit at the time of emergency to defend the situation.
Insurance is a policy which is planned at the present day for a future trouble that may arise. It is an investment for an umbrella for the future rainy day. Actually, just at the time of an emergency or accident, people generally get nervous and out of wit and that becomes aggravated by the insufficiency of money supply to face the situation. Here comes the importance of life insurance. It is called a coverage that’s why.

Life Insurance is a contract between the person (policy holder) and the provider paying a stipulated sum of money upon occurrence of death or some critical illness to the beneficiary. For getting such protection the beneficiary is supposed to pay a stipulated sum of money for one time or a specified installment at regular intervals for long period of time. The value of insurance is not actually measured by the amount of premium or by the amount of return received as claim. It stands as a peace of mind to the people who purchase a policy for his dependents to support them during his absence from the world also.

There are some other good points also for insurance. Even not being a scheme for investment, life insurance policy ultimately gives a sizeable monetary return at the end of the policy period. Even if there is no claim during the policy period, it is a definite way of getting profitable return with bonus etc. So for the running period it provides peace of mind and at the end it gives a monetary return. Life Insurance is an imperative way of choice for every individual, can be said. A portion of everybody’s income should be spent for buying a life policy from whichever provider you like. At least it reflects some care for your beloved ones of the family.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Wishing u all a very happy Merry christmas & new year in Advance :)

Christmas & New Year waves a magic wand over this world, and behold, everything is softer and more beautiful.

So, my all friends keep sharing your financial resolutions of this upcoming year :)

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Know How you can use your Property to Comfort your Retirement

Are you on the verge of your retirement? Then this is the right time for you to think of securing your future financial condition. Old age has its own limitations. Therefore you will hardly be able to join another job to increase your earnings. There are plenty of retirement plans offered by many reputed organization. But you might face some dilemma to invest in those schemes. At that point of time, you should opt for the Equity Release scheme which can be ideal for you in this situation.

There is a basic condition which has to be followed by the applicant to avail the Equity Release scheme. He or she is needed to possess a property in their name to avail this unique property scheme. Therefore if the old fellow has some property on his own name, then it would be ideal for him to take advantage of this unique scheme. Using this plan, he can arrange some money against his name to help his retired financial condition.

If you study the market, you can find that the Equity Release scheme can be availed in two different plans- Home Reversion Scheme and Lifetime Mortgage Plan. Here you can have the detailed information about these two lucrative schemes.
  • Home Reversion Scheme: This special property scheme is offering you the opportunity to sell all or part of your property in exchange for a lump sum of money. Through this scheme, you can enjoy some cash in exchange of your partial property and still you will be able to use the rest of your property. In this plan, you also have the opportunity to opt for this plan at a later date to extract more amounts from your property according to your need.
  • Lifetime Mortgage Plan: Through this Equity Release scheme, you can offer your complete property to the loan giving company. Against your property, the company will give you either lump sum of money or a fixed sum of currency on a monthly basis. It is to be noted that after you offer your property to this scheme, you will lose the ownership of this property. Therefore this plan is best suited for those people who have no heirs.
In this way, you can manage to extract some money from your property through this unique Equity Release scheme. This extracted wealth will definitely enable you to support your retired life and help you to add some financial cushion to the rest of your life.