Monday, July 27, 2015

How To Get A Better Deal From An Accident Attorney

Accidental claims
Negotiating fees with an accident attorney can save you a lot of money. Although you might feel intimidated at first, there is really no need. Many legal firms will be prepared to cut a deal with you that is lower than their standard rate. Here are a few important points you should understand before entering your negotiations.

The Difference Between Scrimping & Saving

Before we begin, you should understand the difference between scrimping and saving. In legal cases, it is essential to get the most robust representation that you possibly can. Scrimping on paying for a good lawyer may affect the amount of compensation you receive. So, look to hire a lawyer first, before negotiating a better price. The rest of our guide will show you how to do it.

Associated Costs

Most legal firms will offer you a standard rate on a no-win-no-fee basis - usually upwards of 33% of any damages you win. However, make sure that you read all of the small print. Some legal firms will include other associated charges to be taken off your compensation. Be wary, because if you lose the case, these charges could still apply, depending on your lawyer's terms and conditions.

Determine The Risk Of Your Case

The better chance of you winning, the more likely they are to take you on - and the more likely you will be able to cut a deal. The percentage of your compensation you pay to your lawyer should be related to the amount of work they have to do. This brings us nicely to the topic of gathering evidence.

Gather Your Evidence

Whatever evidence you can gather about your case the better. Find documents, contact details of witnesses, and keep a record of any contact you have had with the other party's insurance company. Because you have done a lot of the work of your lawyer, they may be willing to reduce the percentage of the contingency fee.

Keep A Daily Log

In any case of personal injury, you should keep a daily log of how the accident has affected you. ZHL personal injury lawyers recommend you should record details of all chats with your doctor about your condition. You should also note down any pain you have experienced. Doing this from the beginning will not only add value to your case but will also reduce the amount of work that your lawyer has to do. When it comes to negotiating fees, this can see a significant reduction.

Talk To Your Lawyer

The vast majority of legal firms are not going to bring up any notion of reduced fees. You will need to raise the issue yourself before signing a contract. It might be a good idea to have several options before you decide on a lawyer that suits you best. Also, mention that you are in talks with several other law firms.

Hiring a lawyer for any legal case can be expensive - but it is all about getting a better return for your money. There are plenty of ways of reducing your overall fees, but the general point is this: make it as easy as possible for your lawyer to do their job.