Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Make your credit card more user friendly: some possible ways

These days credit cards are the easiest way to avail money .Due to the security purpose People don't like carrying too much of cash with them. So they are using debit & credit cards .

So, credit cards are become very popular now. Here, there is no need to pay instantly, hence we enjoy credit for some days. This is more popular among people who don't have the money to buy things but can get them by the way of credit cards.

Availing credit cards are very easy it makes the money easily available but once if you get addicted, it will be a major financial problem.

There is no argument that walking with cash is a big risk and for such situation credit cards are the best option .But continious using credit cards will land you somewhere you do not want to be. The very worst thing with the credit cards are the interest , In the primary stage they show us the some great dreams but it will become reality when outstanding in your account starts increasing, even if you are not using that card. So to avoid the all once should clear all his/her debts in time.

These are some following ideas :

1. Use the card for the amount which you can easily pay back in the allotted period of time.

2. Use it wisely and don't give your card number to any one.

3. Use card only when you don't have any another alternatives or in the case of emergencies, when you really need it.

4. Try to choose the one with the lowest rate of interest among all.

5. Report for the lost card instantly and get it blocked.

If anybody memorise all the above respective points in mind then that person can able to enjoy the full benefit of credit cards without any tension.

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