Monday, October 20, 2008

Investment success tips for financial beginners :

Now all new investors need to know the way of the trade that will make him a successful investor. Here are few effective tips which will make you confident to achieve the stock investment success.

1. Follow a particular strategy.

2. Don't take risk with that which you are not willing to lose.

3. Try to purchase your stocks in the afternoon, not the morning.

4. Unemotional player will won the trade game.

5. Cut your losses to a maximum of 5 - 8%.

6. Before buying a stock, double check its ticker.

7. There is no need to count your gains until the position is sold completely.

8. Purchase and Hold does not work in a bear market, so don't do it.

9. Lose the ego.

10.You need to be very careful about any upcoming news.

11. Try to follow your portfolio every day, strategize on weekends.

12. Be careful while you are taking tips from your friends.

13. There is no need to tale stock tips from a broker.

14. The game is won overtime, not overnight.

15.Your dedication in your investment is the secret to success.

All those above tips is very simple but you need to make it as habit. Stock trading is a psychology game. So you need to control it by your own to become successful.


Chris Burgoyne said...
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Chris Burgoyne said...

I had to look at many of these aspects myself.
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