Saturday, January 24, 2009

Choose a Medical Insurance coverage for your entire Family

Generally main medical insurance plans include coverage for almost all types of medical care which one needs. Basically one person may choose a single coverage plan for himself / herself or the person select the coverage plan for two person or limited family coverage. But, Family medical insurance will provide the full coverage for your entire family.

Major medical insurance policy will cover all the important areas like doctor visits, preventative care, diagnostic tests, hospital and extended care, emergency, prescription drugs, home health care etc. But these facility will depend how much amout you are paying for your insurance coverage or the health history of your family. Some less important coverage areas like vision care, care by specialists, mental health care, family planning services, chronic disease care, physical therapy, maternity care, and baby care can be added.

If anyone having a single coverage plan, the spouse can be added after submitting an application within 31 days after the marriage. Newborn or adopted child can also be added but in this case also policy providing company need a application within 60 days of the birth or adoption.

But if your policy is family coverage policy, in this case any new member will be added in this policy automatically. There is no need to submit any application further for addition. This coverage will end for spouse only at the time of divorce and coverage ends for the dependent children at the end of the calendar year in which they turn age 19 or on the date they marry.

Basically major medical insurance coverage plan will cover managed & care health plans & indemnity health plans. This indemnity health plan focuses on unexpected illnesses & in this case patient can always choose the physician.

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