Friday, May 22, 2009

Forex Mentor is important at the beginning of Forex Business…….why?

Forex Mentor is important before joining the Forex Market…but why? I found that many people are asking this same question. So, in this case my answer is really very easy, you need someone who is much more experienced than you in this field & who has great financial knowledge. As we know that this market is very fast changing so he / she will help you to take the right decision in the right time.

As per my knowledge previously Forex market was completely controlled by countries huge financial institutions & banks. But now the scenario has changed any individual or small investors can also invest & start their forex business as per the new guidelines. But the risk factors of forex exchange are considerable. Here a person can lose lot of money in a very short time. So, in this case if you will appoint any Forex Mentor then at least you will get the proper information.

Good forex mentor must have live experience in forex market like he / she also doing this forex business apart from this he / she must have the sound technical knowledge in this business. Here I personally think that live experience is very important because whatever experiences he is getting he will share with you to avoid all the unavoidable circumstances.

As we all know that forex market is not a stable market so you have that much of knowledge to take the correct decision in the correct time otherwise as I said you will be the big loser. So, in this case guidance is very important which you will only get from the Forex Mentor.

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