Friday, May 1, 2009

Make yourself financially update with the help of…….

As we all know that financial crisis is going on all over the world. Thousand of peoples are loosing their jobs. But one thing I need to tell all of you that if we will make ourselves update regarding world economy or world finance then we may overcome this type of problem.

So, Now one question may arise that from where we will get all the information regarding world economy?

The answer is those who are using Internet service they can gather all the information from net.

The resources are :

1. You tube : We will get all worlds best financial videos from you tube. Better say not only videos we will get the experts opinion also.

2. News from different search engines : As we all know that Google, Yahoo, Msn are providing world economy news, so from there we will get the info.

3. From International new channel based websites : We can get all the financial updates from different international news channel like Cnn, Bbc, Cnn Ibn etc.

But those who don't have the internet connection they can also get the financial information from .....

1. Different international & national news channel.

2. From different financial magazines.

So, just make yourself update financially with the help of my above informations. I do believe that in this way we may avoid any future crisis. If you have any more ideas regarding this topic please feel free to share with me.


Unknown said...

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rb77 said...

Most people will have to change, as you say look for new opportunities.It would be a good thing for the economies to run on cash instead of credit for a change.
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