Saturday, August 15, 2009

You will make your financial world big !!!! what I did…..with the help of

I am a financial planning expert. And blogging is one of my pass time. So, I have created this “finance ideas 4u” blog which is going to complete near about one year.
I must say this blog made my professional life much more easier than before. Now the question is how?
The answer is …

After created this blog, I have created some accounts in different blog communities. Like,Blog catalog, Mybloglog, Twitter etc. And trust me I got good visitors & their valuable comments from there.

As always I have shared all of my blog information with my visitors. So, I want to share my all blog community profiles with you. I hope you all will visit there & share your valuable feedback.

Just have a look…

If you have any other information regarding good blog community where I will submit my blog. Please share it with me.

Anyway I want to share my blog fan followings which I found in blog catalog.
Details of my blog review…..It is really valuable for me.

If you want then you can also share your feedback.

By the way now my financial circle has become wide. Now finance bloggers are asking for some tips before writing any article related to finance. And also they need some assistance regarding any financial matter. That is my achievement I think.

What is your opinion please share your valuable comment. And also if you need any help regarding financial matter please feel free to tell me & also your valuable views for my improvement.


Unknown said...

thanks for this information. its a useful article. thanks for this.

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Shef said...

its a really very fantastic and informative posting. thanks for sharing this.

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Kaify(means Quality,ofcourse Positive) said...
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Kaify(means Quality,ofcourse Positive) said...

yes...i need tips as i have emailed you also..check out my unorganized and ugly looking blog though with a good topic and tell me how to manage it..and make it attract more visitors
and keep are doing well

October 14, 2009 12:44 AM