Friday, September 11, 2009

Good Financial Writer...Is it me?.....What do you think?

Blogging is one of the easiest ways to prove yourself as a quality writer.My blog subject is finance & I am maintaining two finance related blogs. I do believe that if your content is unique & topics are general & genuine then it will able to attract the visitors attention.

But since also to be a good financial writer there are some tactics which you need to follow in the professional way. Those are......

  • You need to do research on different financial topics to make yourself update.
  • You need make your self sound on global economy.
  • Another important thing is you need to choose the language. Like that you will follow the UK language or the US language.

Those who are expert in financial field they will go for blogging, they will be the part of different finance related sites, they can do freelancing on different finance related topics. There are lot of scope only you need to find the right one for you.

Regarding me.....As a financial writer I am working last 2 years. But I have maintaining my this finance blog only last 11 months. And in this span of time I have understood one thing that only good writing ability is not the only key to get famous in this Blogging world. Apart from this choosing a good finance topic is also important. Anyway I am not claiming that I am a good financial writer but I am interested to write good articles on financial topic. Blogging is one of my passion. So now the ball is in your court you need to judge me while I am a good writer or not.

As every week I am posting articles on different financial topics & I am getting many comment on the basis of that article. But I never got any comment that what type of financial writer I am. So, after reading this post I think I expect some comments from the visitors & also from my friend.

Anyway have a rocking weekend.


Kaify(means Quality,ofcourse Positive) said...

Good writer! I have became your fan, dear...ya you really write well and you seems to be very hard working.
Also you are a good blog is easy to move around and looks will surely succeed in your life brother because you are a hard working man and besides you are also a good human..

Unknown said...

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