Thursday, December 17, 2009

Child Banking Tips........Something interesting.

Finance or personal finance terms are generally related to the adults. This is not the subject for the minor but i have seen one very interesting video on "you tube" which will prove us wrong

As per this video financial experts are telling that we need to start consolidate out finances from the very beginning of 18 then it will help us in our future financial situation.

Just have a look & share your feedback.

So, what will be your next step? If you are adults then will u advice your children to consolidate personal finance or if you are minor then will you start planning your finances. Share your feedback through comment below. Your suggestions or more tips regarding this matter are also welcome.


Unknown said...

i have no idea about it.

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Anonymous said...

Very true! Even kids should be trained to be responsible with their money (well, if you are letting them handle some cash). The early they are being taught to save, the greater the chance that they will be very good with their finances once they become adults. Prepaid debit cards can be used to tame their spending too. The good thing is that prepaid debit cards will not let them overspend, so as parents you've got nothing to worry about it.