Wednesday, February 24, 2010

How to Get Financial Freedom: Experts Advice

Dealing with debts is a question of great concern for many of us, some are more successful on that, and some are overwhelmed with the amount of debt they have. Mortgages, student loans, car loans, credit card debts sometimes form a monstrous problem which is very hard to solve. Your success in dealing with debts does depend a lot on your income, but your ability to organize it and your understanding of priorities can do a lot for you.

Some people use debt expert's help, but there is a list of tips you should know, that can save you extra money on expert advices.

Review your credit cards, and select those with the highest interest rates. You should try pay as much as you can on these, while for the other cards you can pay minimal installments for now. When you are done on the payday loans, proceed to all other.

If you have a large car loan, you should definitely think of getting a cheaper one instead.

Look for ways to refinance your mortgage, especially when you have two mortgages. The interest rates are rather low now, so look for a deal with fixed rates, as the things might change soon.

Keep track of all your loans, and make sure you are careful about monthly payments. If you have some spare money, use it for the most expensive loans. Try to devote as much money as you can to your loans.

Do not increase your credit card debt even in emergency cases. Take a payday loan online instead, as these demand fast repayment, and do not result long-lasting debts.

You should be devoted to an idea of acquiring a financial freedom, and put your effort towards this goal. Good luck!


Chack Pesh | FreedomHabits said...

This post is somewhat confusing. I agree that payday loans should be paif off first, but then you suggest taking a payday loan over using credit cards?

Payday loans are much more expensive than even a 29% credit card are they not?

Zander said...

You can turn your computer into a money making machine. There are several low cost ways to make money using the internet. Use the internet to do your research. Search for options that you are interested in. you can find a lot of online jobs that will help you achieve financial freedom.

Unknown said...

Yes, stay away from payday loans. These lenders trap borrowers by charging enourmous fees and interest. What usually happens is the borrower continues to renew the loan b.c they are unable to pay off the balance in full. I would dare say that it would be better to borrow off a credit card than from a payday loan. I do not even recommend doing that usually.

Anonymous said...

Get your credit checked before you apply for a loan or credit card. Chances are if you are trying to get a payday loan, your credit score is not good enough to get the right credit card or personal loan.
I work at and I hear stories of people messing up their credit by making desperate decisions towards credit cards and payday loans.