Friday, June 8, 2012

Get the cheapest insurance you can

If you are looking for a great way to save money on your auto insurance, you are not alone. By following a few key tips today, you can get the cheapest car insurance policy. Consider these points

1. Reduce Theft Cover

Many people who shop for car insurance have the desire to buy the most cover they can for the least amount of money people. However, with some types of coverage, such as theft cover, there is an upper limit to the benefits you can enjoy. For example, many car insurance companies will only pay out on theft cover up to certain dollar amount, but this is often only after your deductible is met. Consider your car insurance deductible as well as the value of the items you may leave in your car. After reviewing this information, many people will see that theft cover is simply not worth paying for.

2. Make Your Excess High, But Affordable

A common misconception about car insurance excess is that you don't have to pay it if the accident is not your fault. Safer drivers therefore often opt for a higher excess than is affordable for them to pay out-of-pocket. However, your excess may be due in some cases even when the accident is not your fault. Higher excess can make your premium lower, but make sure the excess is not so high that your insurance is unaffordable to use.

3. Drive Safely At All Times

Car insurance will become more expensive as you get more traffic citations and have more accidents. Your inclination may be to slow down when you see a police officer up ahead. However, there are now more traffic cameras than ever before that can record you cruising at high speeds. Driving safely at all times is your best option for lower car insurance.

4. Talk to Your Agent Before Filing a Claim

Car insurance rates can increase when you file a claim. This can include claims based on accidents that are not your fault, weather-related damage claims and more. When in doubt, it is best to talk to your agent before filing a claim. Your agent can help you to better determine if your insurance rates will be affected by filing a claim and if it's best to pay for minor claims out-of-pocket.

5. Consolidate Insurance Policies

Many insurance companies will offer you a discount if you purchase homeowner's insurance, life insurance or another type of policy along with your car insurance from the same company. This discount can make your car insurance more affordable.

Keep these tips in mind to purchase the most affordable car insurance policy.

Patrick is guest blogging for his no deposit car insurance blog.

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