Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Last-Minute Summer Getaway - Try These Budget Tips!

If you finally have some time off but have neglected to make any plans to fill it, don't think that you are limited to staying at home. Even at the last minute you can still have a getaway on a budget. If you are worried about your money not stretching far enough, there are a number of ways to cut down on spending and get great deals. Here are just a few tips to keep in mind to make your pounds stretch when planning your much-needed holiday.

Pick Somewhere Pound Friendly
Flights may be cheaper to the closer eurozone destinations, but a higher spend on flights can often be balanced out by the cheap cost of living further afield. When searching for holidays, take into account the costs that you will incur on a day-to-day basis, such as food, shopping and sightseeing. Finding a destination where there is a favourable exchange rate against the pound can mean a better quality holiday at a much lower cost.

Search the Web
The internet has revolutionised how people shop. This applies as much to holidays as to everything else. By going online, people are able to compare numerous different holidays and to truly find the best deal to meet their requirements. Websites such as http://www.soswitch.com/travel/ are available to further assist with finding holiday deals and help people research the most cost-effective travel plan for their budget.

All-Inclusive Advantage
Package holidays can often be the way to go, especially when travelling in groups or with children. Choosing a package deal means that rather than having to organise every detail of your holiday yourself, everything from flights to food will all be taken care of in one easy booking. This can even include vital extras such as insurance. Beyond being convenient, it is also a great money saver overall.

House Swap
Accommodation can make up a huge part of your total holiday spend. As a way to keep this cost to a minimum, why not consider house-swapping instead of renting a hotel room or apartment? As long as you are happy to share your own home, this can present the ideal solution to any holiday accommodation dilemma and is even better news for your wallet.

Travel Off-Peak
One of the easiest ways to save money on a holiday is by travelling off-peak. As with many other things, prices are lower when there is less demand and so it is a great opportunity to snap up a bargain holiday. For example, weather-wise August and September tend to be very similar. However, September holidays can go for half the price of one earlier in the summer, yet with no difference to the actual holiday experience on offer.

Learn to Haggle
Prices may seem set but often, especially during off-peak season, hotels are desperate for business. You may feel cheeky doing it but it doesn't hurt to challenge prices to see if you can get a better deal. Negotiation is a skill that can see many more pounds knocked off the price of your holiday with no compromise on quality.

It can sometimes seem that a holiday, especially one booked at the last minute, is not affordable. However, you can still enjoy a getaway even if money is tight. By following some very simple tips you can find yourself making considerable savings on the cost of your holiday and be heading off to sunnier shores in no time.

This post has been written and contributed by travel blogger Zoe on behalf of So Switch.

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