Saturday, April 6, 2013

The Latest and Best Marketing Tool for your business

Businesses operating at both national and local level are now buying or renting vanity phone numbers. A vanity phone number is a unique combination of numeric digits and alphabets at the end of a toll-free number that represent an organization or its offerings. 800 Phone numbers, for example, are toll free and their owners are no longer required to be associated with just one telephone carrier. While large and medium scale businesses choose to buy these numbers, entrepreneurs and small business owners often rent standard number combinations for their target geographies with area codes.

Effective Branding

Custom vanity phone numbers are easy to remember as long as they’re selected after due consideration.Marketing gurus now recommend using easy-to-remember and niche-relevant vanity phone numbers as essential components of various advertising and marketing campaigns. However, it’s important not to overuse them. Many experts have opined on their blogs that these numbers should not be a part of each and every marketing initiative of a business organization.

A Tool to Seek Direct Response from Prospects

Toll free and local vanity numbers blend well with different types of marketing campaigns. Any business promoting its goods or services outdoors or on television & radio can use easy-to-spell and catchy vanity numbers to seek direct response from customers. Unlike numeric phone numbers, vanity numbers are easy to read and people also take notice of them.

Great Return on Investment

Marketing is not just about being creative. Businesses have to advertise repeatedly and continue allotting heavy budgets on executing various marketing campaigns. With a vanity number, a business does not have to spend repeatedly on marketing to get found by prospective customers. Once a business toll free number gets popular, it continues to boost sales for a very long time without requiring further investments.

Help Customers Remember a Business

Meaningful vanity phone numbers help people to mentally latch themselves to a product, service or brand. A number can, for example, assist people to effortlessly memorize your contact information. People not only recall numbers easily but they also let others know about a business by just passing on the number combination. In other words, these numbers help in promoting word of mouth advertising too.

Reach Out to Maximum Number of People

With easily recognizable vanity numbers, it’s possible to reach out to a large number of people. A number published on a hoarding on highway, for example, is noticed more quickly than a website, traditional phone number, business address or even its offerings. A vanity number clubs a brand, its contact information and offerings! What else can a marketer ask for?

A business owner or marketing manager responsible for choosing and promoting a vanity number should spend enough time on exhaustive search and ideation before making a final decision. Reputed companies dealing in these numbers have a huge inventory and vanity phone number availability is hardly an issue; unless of course someone wants the million dollar vanity number like 1-800-DONATE-CARS.

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