Friday, September 4, 2015

How To Hire A Great Attorney On A Budget

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I just came across an article on Forbes, stating that cheap lawyers will cost a business money...fair enough. But considering how often the name of one particular firm was mentioned, I’m pretty sure it was written solely to advertise them. Besides, hiring a lawyer as a business and hiring one for an individual need are two completely different things. If you are hiring a lawyer to protect a business you probably have some money tucked away for that unforeseen problem. But the average individual doesn’t consider one day they’ll need legal representation.

That’s because by law shows on TV and the media in general, we’re trained to relate lawyers to crime. When actually, there are many cases where you’ll need a lawyer when you haven’t committed a crime. How can you get the best value service for your budget in these situations?

A Broad Search

If you want to find a good lawyer at a low price I think you need to do a wide search. I know, that can be annoying and time consuming but if you use Legal Services Link, it’s easy. You can search by the type of lawyer you need, comparing prices and reviews of practises at the same time. All the reviews are verified so you won’t need to worry about people trying to create a fake perception of quality.

Compare A Few

Once you find a few that you like the sound of, get in touch with them and have a chat. It’s perfectly okay to ask a lawyer their rates straight off the bat, they won’t take offense. In fact they’ll be more than willing to divulge this information. They won’t want to waste their time on people who can’t afford their services.

Individual Or Firm

It’s a big choice and you might make the mistake of believing that lawyers that don’t belong to a firm are automatically cheaper. Don’t bet on it though and don’t make the mistake of thinking a firm will be the best quality service. It depends on what you are looking for. If you’re looking to get the word out and maybe pick up a few extra plaintiffs to make the case bigger, choose a firm. They’ll have the resources to push your case on to every newspaper and website they can. But, if you’re more interested in individual justice for a smaller case, try a private practise. They will be able to offer you a personalised service and match your needs.

Free Help

Of course, you might just want some legal advice. If you go to any lawyer, they’re probably going to charge you for the service. But there’s no need to do this because there are sites online run by professional lawyers where you can get advice for free. If they like your case, they might even take you on as a client at a budget price. Or, you might find out you don’t need legal representation after all. This is extremely beneficial if you just want to know where you stand on an issue.

You see, cheap doesn’t necessarily mean bad when it comes to the law. If you need a lawyer on a budget, you can still get a quality service.

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