Sunday, January 3, 2016

Forex Broker Promotions For Online Trading

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Due to growing popularity of Forex online trading, Forex brokers are trying a number of promotional activities to lure the customers to trade with them. There are different types of promotions offered by a Forex broker and we will try to discuss them in this article. Promotions are not just bonuses or contests but there are some other promotions too without any specific name.

Forex freebies offered by a Forex broker company

This is a very widespread promotion known as Forex freebies. This type of Forex promotion gives you an opportunity to win prizes and privileges for trading with a Forex broker offering it. Usually the broker asks the traders to make certain volume of trade with them and then get the offered freebies as a reward. There is a big variety of freebies offered such as technical devices, free educational course on Forex, getting some money as prize, special discounts, waiving commissions etc.

Refer a friend promotion

This is one of the most common types of online trading promotion offered by a Forex broker. In this type the traders are encouraged to refer other people to join as a new client with the broker. If the referrer refers a genuine friend who signs up with the broker successfully, the referrer gets some reward in the form of trading money or similar. Many broking companies call it as a partner program but this may vary with other brokers.

Rebates on spreads

The rebate program offered by brokers is another type of online trading promotion offered by them. In this type, the trader gets back a part of the spread for trading with the broker. This is usually offered when the trader trades a certain amount with the Forex broker offering this promotion. Some brokers call it cash back too. This type of Forex promotion is good because it does not require any kind of addition efforts to be done by the trader except trading only.

Online Trading Promotions

These were some of the most common online trading promotions offered by the brokers. Each and every broker is busy in offering different types of promotional offers to attract the new customers and maintain the existing ones, one example for the promotion of online trading is Not only the addition in the number of customers they have but the Forex broker companies also get the benefits of coming on higher ranks in search engines due to growth in popularity and they get more exposure. The promotions offered by any broker should be genuine and should be actually beneficial for the trader. Giving promotional offers which are not much beneficial for the traders can result in failure and not liked by the traders. Therefore Forex promotions should be planned well and strategically by the Forex broker companies and it should be done with the proper analysis of the consumer behavior and the market.

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