Monday, May 23, 2016

10 Simple Ways to Save Money

budgeting & saving tips
Looking for a quick, easy and practical way to save money and efficiently manage your personal finance? Here are some tried and tested suggestions that will certainly help you.

1. Create a Budget

Creating a budget ensures that you don’t go overspending. Create a spreadsheet and plan how much you’ll be spending on a daily basis. This will ensure that you’re not going to burn through your paycheck.

2. Track your Spending

With the spreadsheet you made in the previous entry, try to login all of your expenses. This includes utilities, the money you spend on food and even how much you use when it comes to recreational activities. With this laid out, you will be able to see where you can reduce spending.

3. Pay Your Credit Cards and Personal Loans on Time

It’s always a mistake to pay credit card bills, mortgages and personal loans past the due date. Delays cause unnecessary and annoying late fees that can take a dent out of your wallet in the long run.

4. Remind Yourself to Save Money

Sometimes, managing your personal finance is all about a state of mind. Tell yourself to save money and remind yourself that you want to pay your personal loans on time and that you’re reducing expenses for a larger goal.

5. Create a Goal

Speaking of goals, make sure to have a clear objective in mind. It can be anything. Are you saving up for a vacation? Are you saving up for a new car or a new apartment? Or do you want to just pay off your personal loans? A clear aim in sight will keep your motivations up.

6. Follow the 5% Rule

Have you ever heard of that tip that you should take 5% of your paycheck and put it into a bank? Well, turns out it works. Make sure to do this and you’ll have a quite hefty sum in a few years.

7. Have a Coin Bank While You Are At It

Every coin is worth it. If you have spare change lying around your bag, wallet or home, make sure to put it all in a coin bank or in a nice, secure container. While this is quite practically nothing it can turn out to be a lifesaver should you need some quick cash.

8. Be a Smart Shopper

It’s hard to say no to new clothes, or a newly released video game or even recently released furniture and gadgets. However, you must resist the urge to take out your credit card. Wait for a sale and a discount. This might save you a couple of hundred or thousand bucks.

9. Stop Eating Out So Much

Not many people know that cooking your own food and eating at home is actually cheaper than going out every night. Take the time to buy ingredients from the grocery, get recipes online and cook up a feast in the kitchen. This will certainly save you some cash every month.

10. Don’t Stop Saving

Reducing your expenses and saving up money is truly hard work. But, no matter what happens, don’t give up. We’re certain that all of the toil and weariness will yield very fruitful results.

Saving money and managing your personal finance is feasible, provided you follow the tips we provided. Good luck and we hope your savings grow!

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