Monday, October 31, 2016

A Profitable Future Is In Reach With These Inspired ideas

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Working everyday from nine to five is the story of many peoples lives. Some are quite content with that, often earning a decent crust from their jobs or careers. Others want more. More financial security for the future and more disposable income for all the luxuries that life has to offer. However, working nine to five each day doesn’t exactly give you the opportunity to make more money or smart investments, right? Wrong! This is why I thought it would be good to share with you some of the inspired ideas you could put into practise to give yourself a profitable future.

Buying and renovating homes in your spare time

Many of us will be well aware that property is a solid investment. Most people tend to only invest in the property they live in, but this could be a missed money making opportunity. For some entrepreneurial people out there, they choose to buy additional properties to renovate and sell on for a profit. Using their spare time and then once established a team of people to keep this process going. Of course, you need an initial amount saved up as your first investment. But once the first one is out of the way, which is usually the hardest, you are good to go.

Investing in a property abroad

If DIY work isn’t to your taste it doesn’t mean that property investment isn’t for you. There are other options to consider like buying a property abroad or investing in a holiday let. This can make you quite a bit each month in rental income alone, alongside the initial investment of property which over time will increase. There are some great rental locations to consider like America where places like pelican bay in Florida can be profitable. Or sticking with something European or closer to your own residence.

Fixed saving plans for long term goals

Do you just want your income to work harder for you? Are you bothered about about instant access? Then there are some great fixed savings options you could consider. These tend to offer higher interest rates for customers and allows your lump sums of savings to be much more profitable. It means earning more for those long term savings goals which could include further investments in the future. If you have no need to access the funds now, then you may as well give yourself a profitable future from it for when you do need it.

Start a business or money maker from home

Finally, another great way to give yourself some more financial security is to use your spare time to start up a business from home. It could be as simple as turning a hobby of yours into a money maker. People have had great success from starting blogs at home or selling items they make on websites like Etsy. Even just using online tools to earn extra money. This means performing things like mystery shops or completing surveys. There are plenty of ways you can earn extra income online. Just look at what you have at your disposal and what skills you have.

I hope this has inspired you to give yourself the chance of a profitable future.

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