Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Car Rentals: Are You Saving Money The Right Way?

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Whether it’s for a vacation, business or a way of getting around while your car is fixed, car rentals can come in extremely useful. But, in times of desperation, we often don’t take the time to think about our expenditures. There are a whole host of ways to save money when renting a vehicle, and you should be aware of them. Let’s take a look.

Stay Away From The Airport

It might be convenient, but booking your car rental to pick up from the airport is a costly way of going about it. These companies know that you want the convenience factor, and you better believe they’ll charge you for it. It might be more beneficial to collect your vehicle close to your hotel, for example. Unless it’s going to cause you a significant amount of stress and hassle, it’s always best to avoid the airport.

Can You Make A Claim?

Who’s to say that you can’t make a claim for a free car rental? Some insurance policies come with car rentals included when your car is out of action. Study the documentation you have, and you might find that you don’t need to pay at all. And, in the event of something like a crash, rental car costs can potentially be recovered. Some attorney websites like www.bchfirm.com can evaluate your case for free in a situation like this.

Make Use Of Your Discount Cards

All those membership organizations you belong to might just come in handy! You might even find that the type of credit card you use can get you a discount. Rental agencies often allow discounts for all sorts of reasons, bringing the cost down considerably. It’s also important to remember that some companies will allow better discounts for certain times in the week and the year.

Reserve The Car For Longer Than Necessary

There are two good reasons why you should do this. First, it prevents you from overstepping the limit and being forced to pay extortionate prices as late fees. Secondly, it can help to lower the rate that you pay due to your extended rental term. You might find that you don’t benefit when you return the car, as they might just charge you a higher rate. But, some companies will give you the benefit of the doubt and lower the cost if you didn’t use all the allotted time.

Book Ahead Of Time!

There’s no easier way of saving money on a car rental than to book well ahead of time. If you’re waiting until the last minute, you’re bound to struggle. Availability can often be poor, and you’ll be left with the expensive scraps. Plan ahead of time, and use the internet to your advantage in your search for the best deal. Websites like www.skyscanner.net can help you with this.

Now, you should be equipped with the tools you need to save money or completely eliminate the cost of your next car rental. It shouldn’t feel like such an expensive way of getting around from now on.

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Thank you for the useful tips. Especially for booking ahead of time. I completely agree and always book via cars-scanner.