Friday, November 25, 2016

Considering the Costs of Caring for an Elderly Loved One

costing for elders
What are your choices when it comes to taking care of an elderly loved one? There’s no universally correct answer. One person may be better off staying at home. Some may do better staying with family. Another may do better in a specialized home. In any case, you need to consider this from a financial perspective.

Talking to them

You must talk to your elderly loved one because you need to find out what their plans are. You also need to see how prepared they are. What are their legal and financial plans? If they don’t have any, this needs to be exposed. For instance, what is the situation with their power of attorney? Read more about power of attorney at

If possible, you should find out as much about their finances as possible. Do they have insurance? And if so, what kind of insurance do they have? That insurance may not cover everything. If they have any savings, you should probably know about them.

Help from a home

They may already have plans for future care. They may already have decided that they want to go to a nursing home. In that case, you need to consider the costs. You will have to know as much as possible about finances. Do they already have some sort of payment plan?

Nursing homes bring bad thoughts to many people. Many see them as expensive or emotionally cold solutions to this “problem”. Some worry that the home itself may be dangerous, with abuse or fraud taking place. Of course, in such cases, you’ll always have the backing of the law. See for more information.

Taking them in

Taking an elderly loved one into your home can be a great solution. You get to spend more time with them. But it may create more stress for you. After all, you probably have a job to do. And this brings us to another financial problem. Will you have to take time off work to help out here? And besides, do you know how to take care of an elderly person? You could consider taking classes in elderly care. These, of course, represent another expense.

Your home also needs to be a comfortable place to be. This may require alterations to your house to make it more accessible. And since when have renovations or property additions been cheap? Thankfully, you do have options when it comes to getting the money for such a project. Loans are available to those who need help with this specific problem. Read more about such options over at

It’s important to think of the benefits and negatives of each option available to you. Some people would judge someone for not taking in an elderly family member right away. But you have your own finances and life to deal with. What you decide may ultimately be determined by your financial situation. It’s important to take care of the generation that came before you, sure. But you also need to take care of yourself. Remember to consider your finances.

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