Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Best Ways To Manage Your Money

finance management
With Christmas fast approaching many of us are likely feeling the pinch. It’s a time of year where all senses of financial management seems to go out of the window, but it is important, to be successful with our wealth we need to manage it wisely, here are some tips to get you started.

Track Your Spending

Sometimes we just buy on impulse, and before we know it we’ve bought all sorts of stuff we don’t need or regret, so start tracking everything you buy, if you do this you can see it all adding up and it’ll stop more needless spending. Once you’ve started to do this you can start using a budget, I know a budget may sound complicated, but if you do it religiously it saves you a lot of time and money in the long run. Keeping a budget may sound complicated but it's easier than you expect.

Consider Hiring An Expert

If you have money in a few different accounts and really don’t know how to make the best of them then you could potentially hire an expert. Everyone wants the best money and investment tips, what better than to have your own, Ian Filippini is a great example. Experts can manage your wealth and come up with budgets to help you function. They can ensure you save just the right amount and come up with strategies to make sure you’re making your money work for you.

Make a Bill Calendar

Knowing when each company will bill you for services rendered is vitally important. You can budget your finances accordingly and know what to keep back ready for a payment. It also makes sense to combine finances with your partner. Doing this makes paying mutual bills much easier and ensures transparency. You could potentially phone your providers and ask them to change the billing date, this can spread out your outgoings over the month of if you’d prefer lump it all together at the month’s start so you know exactly what you have to spend for the rest of the month.

Build An Emergency Fund

Put money into an Emergency fund. You never know what life is going to throw at you, perhaps you or your partner could unexpectedly lose their job, or your house could become damaged in a storm. Whatever happens, it's always great to have an emergency fund in back up. It can stop you getting into trouble if you have any unexpected bills at the end of the month and ensure you don’t end up paying overdraft fees.

Use The Right Saving Accounts

There are many savings accounts across the land and each are vying for our custom. Do your research. If you’ve got some savings you know you’re not going to touch then it may be worth investing into a cash ISA. It means you can’t touch the cash for a set period of time, but you get much better interest rates. You should also keep an eye on the terms, they may only give you great interest rates for one year, after which they’ll significantly drop, so be sure to keep swapping your ISA to the next best provider, this will keep the interest pouring in.

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