Saturday, January 28, 2017

Signs You're Destined To Become A High Roller

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Most people see getting rich as some kind of fantasy. Wealth is a disease that afflicts the lucky few. But that’s the wrong way to look at it. The vast majority of people who are wealthy in the world didn’t get there because they won the lottery or they got a big hand-me-down from a rich uncle, they got there through hard work and dedication.

At the end of the day, the way people get rich is to add value to other people’s lives. Whatever you think about Mark Zuckerberg himself, he was able to create a social platform that people love to use every day, and that fundamentally explains why he got so rich.

The question, then, is do you have the potential to make a million, or a billion, dollars? Here are some signs that you do.

You Always Aim High

There’s a reason companies like Google use the term “Moonshot” to describe their cutting-edge projects. Taking risks and shooting for the moon are all part of what it takes to be successful. People who have vision and aren’t afraid of success tend to go a long way relative to those that don’t have vision. Wealthy people don’t just see a business idea and then limit themselves to how much money they think that they can make. If a business opportunity looks as if it is worth $1 million, they’ll tell themselves it’s worth $10 million or more.

You Invest Sensibly

Most people think that millionaires live like Katie Price, flaunting their wealth by buying expensive 4x4s and jewelry. But this isn’t how it works in practice. Most sensible entrepreneurs actually save the majority of their money so that they can reinvest it in money-making projects. As Forbes magazine points out, many rich people invest in property that they think is going to go up in value in the future, using companies like Enness International. For the super-rich, it’s all about maximizing the capital gains for their investments and making a good return.

Tech billionaires don’t usually become billionaires through direct sales of their products. Instead, they supplement their income with investments in other areas, taking advantage of things like the housing marking, biotech, robotics and other expanding sectors of the economy when they see an opportunity.

You Avoid Debt That Doesn’t Pay

There are, in general, two types of debt: good debt and bad debt. We all know what bad debt looks like. It’s the payday loans people take out to pay for things like holidays and groceries that put them further into debt. Good debt on the other hand is debt that helps to grow wealth. This is the type of debt that rich people understand. Taking out money to found a business or buy a property to earn extra cash in the future is the best way to go into debt because the debt services itself.

In other words, rich people go into debt to make themselves richer. Poor people go into debt to make rich people richer. That’s an important difference.

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