Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top Secrets to Minimize Increase in Premium Due to New Drivers

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So, your kid is old enough to drive already. However, whenever he gets behind the wheel, a surge of panic always seems to arise. What should you do? You need to show the kid you have full confidence in him, but you do not want to be all worried when the payment time comes around.

When a teenager comes onto a policy, car insurance providers automatically increase the premium. It is their default action, for the same reason you get all tensed up when your teenage kid starts driving. Surprisingly, they increase the rates to as much as 60 percent. What should you do lessen the additional cost?

Here are some secrets you can use to minimize increase in premium:

First, compare car insurance quotes online. A very basic thing to do and yet, it is significantly effective. Not all car insurance companies will charge as much when a teen driver is involved.

Look for particular ones that do not raise the value or offer very minimal increase. Take your time. You need to be patient when doing this. If you need to make things fast, try looking for quote comparison sites.

Second, add the teen driver to your policy. This will help them attain the same benefits and discounts that you get. If you opt for individual coverage, it may boost their independency level but it will surely bore a hole in your pocket.

Third, gets the teen driver extra training to hone their driving skills. The kid needs to pass a driving test before being allowed to have a license. Additional classes aim to simply show the provider that the kid is willing to be cautious and conscientious when driving, the best to take is the defensive driving course.

Fourth, make sure you provide you provider a heads up regarding the circumstance change. Whatever happens, make sure that you keep the provider posted. If the car is not used often, chances are it will not affect the policy offers.

Fifth, a good student is a good driver. If your kid is very skilled individual when it comes to academics, then good for you! Many auto insurance providers correlate good grades with the ability of the teen driver to drive.

Good grades mean a responsible and mature individual. Be proud of your kid’s accomplishments. It is always a great pay-off and it can save you money.

Last but not the least; make sure that you pick the right car for your kid. The kind of car being driven by the teenager plays a crucial role in the premium increase. The auto insurance providers opt for safe and reliable cars, instead of the sporty ones with fast acceleration.

These simple tips will surely help alleviate some of your worries as a parent of a teen driver. Do not forget them. Start early and try to meet the requirements ahead of time. Compare car insurance quotes now before your kids reach the driving age!

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