Sunday, April 30, 2017

Graduating Without Student Loans: Is It Possible?

student without loans
It’s no secret that the cost of college isn’t cheap. What’s worse is that the cost of tuition is rising year by year. If you don’t think that’s true, just look at the amount of student loan arrears compared to a few years ago. Obviously, you want to go to college because it’s your best chance of succeeding in your field. But, the loan amounts might be too high for you to pay back. If only there were ways which you could attend university without taking on mountains of debt. Oh, wait – there is, and you can find them underneath.

Loan Forgiveness

Okay, so this option might still include a loan of some sort. However, the great thing about a student loan forgiveness non profit scheme is that it severely reduces the total amount. If you’re applicable, the government might write off as much as a third of the cost of the arrears. A third is a large proportion in anyone’s book, so it’s nothing to look down upon. All you have to do is choose an industry which is on the list and send in the application. By the time you graduate, the amount you owe could be minimal, to say the least.


The reason the government doesn’t write off the whole loan is that of scholarships. Yep, some universities pay for students to attend the institute, meaning you don’t have to pay a dime in tuition. As you know, it’s a very competitive field because everyone wants a scholarship. But, if you apply for different types, there is a good chance you might get accepted. Also, don’t forget to show them why you stand out from the crowd. It’s clichéd, but unis like applicants that have more than academic talent.

Community College

Sure, you want to go to a large, reputable college that makes employers eyes bulge when they notice it on your resume. To go to these establishments, you need a lot of money. If you don’t have it, you will need a loan to help you survive. That is, unless, you go to community college first. Okay, it might not have the same reputation, and the campus life might differ. However, you can transfer after two years to any school in the country. As long as your grades are good, they will welcome you with open arms. Then, you only have a year or two of tuition to pay for.

Get A Job

Like going to community college, getting a job straight out of high school is a means to an end. Maybe you will like the job and won’t want to leave. But, if you plan of bigger and better things, you can get them to pay for your education. Employers don’t like to part with their money, but they will if they have a good reason. Sending a worker to school to better their skills is as good a reason as any, so most won’t push back too hard. 

Of course, working and studying is a monumental task, but it’s possible. Plus, it’s cheaper.

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