Monday, April 17, 2017

Property Investment With A Difference

money in property
It is one of the most popular forms of investment because it is readily accessible. You buy a property, increase its value then sell it on at a profit. It sounds easier than it actually is, yet most people can do it with patience and perseverance. If you are new to the property development game you may want to play it safe, ensuring you can make a return. Yet some of the experienced investors may want to try some new things, different types of investment that can widen their portfolio and lead to bigger returns. These investment are key, and depending on what kind you go for can end up earning you a lot more money. Here are some examples to get you started. You may have already thought of some of these, but look at the other ones and see if you can make it work for added profit. Good luck.

Turn A House Into Apartments

This is tricky, but for those with experience it is possible. The key here is to find a home that is big enough on each floor. So when you are looking at homes for sale make sure you find ones that are fairly large and either detached or semi detached. Now you have the one you need, you can implement the change. You may need planning permission, especially if it is an older building. The work will be costly. You will need to implement another heating system, electrical wiring, another bathroom and kitchen. It will cost a lot of money. However, when it comes to selling you will be selling two properties instead of one, thus maximizing your profit or rental return. It is a big project, yet one that is achievable if worked properly.

Look For Old Pubs And Bars

This is a nifty trick. Usually pubs and bars that have run out of business and sold up sell for a steal. This is because there obviously isn’t a market for that kind of business in the location meaning it sells for cheap giving another business owner an incentive. But who said it has to remain a bar? Change it into a home or a set of apartments. Again, this is widely achievable, but certain pubs have protected status so check this before going through with the purchase. The remodel will be extensive, but again the profit will far outweigh the initial outlay. Just ensure you stick to your cost lines and budget for the better chances of success.

Apartments From Scratch

This is one of the more costly investments to make but if you are looking to buy to let then this is the move you will want to make. You need to buy the land and get planning permission first, but luckily the land won’t be too big because you will essentially be building upwards, not sideways. The issue here is the initial outlay for the building. It will be hugely expensive. Just think about the materials, labour, kitchen materials, bathrooms, etc. However when you are done you will have a large amount of properties to sell or rent out, giving you a huge passive income or immediate burst of profit.

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