Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hacks That Will Help Your Home Sell Faster

fast selling home
For many people, selling a home remains an idea or a prospect simply because of the time it takes to do it. For many, selling up and moving on is the best move but the time it takes to complete the venture puts a stop to it before it even begins. It is true that selling a home and moving into another is an extensive process. The current home needs to be sold, the new home needs to be surveyed and the owners of the new home need to find a new one for themselves. It can be a very long drawn out sequence of events that spans months on end. But there are in fact some hacks out there that will help speed up this sequence that you should take heed of if a big move is on the horizon for you.

Make your home as sellable as possible

Selling your home is the first hurdle to get over when moving. Simply, you can’t move out of your current home if there's nobody waiting to move into it. To give it the best possible chance of being snapped up sharpish, there are a few essential things to attend to within it. You should first paint your walls a neutral colour. By being neutral any potential buyers will be able to envisage their own personal style easier than if the colours were bold or even patterned. And in this same fashion, you should take down personal items whenever you have a viewing to again make it easier for any prospective buyers to envisage themselves living there and not you. You must always put yourself in the shoes of the buyer — would you really want to buy a house that you couldn’t see yourself living in? And would you want to live in a dirty home either? This one’s a given, but you should always make sure your home is cleaned and de-cluttered before you stage any viewing in your home.

Tend to business in the right way

The hacks don’t stop with getting your home ready and sellable. They continue into the business side of the operation. To give yourself the best possible chance at selling your home and getting into your new one quickly you have to be smart at the business end. First and foremost, you have to get your property valuation right. When it’s too high, it won’t be bought. When it’s too low, it will be bought, but you will lose out. To find out the best value to slap on your house that won’t be too restricting or too costly, take a look at recent sales in your neighbourhood and build from there. You also have to refrain from volunteering information to potential buyers as you may provide them with information that they don’t want to hear. This is a case that you should leave to the professionals. And speaking of professionals. There are even services out there, such as We Buy Houses, that help skip the traditional and long drawn out hassle of selling a home. They don’t deal with agents. They don’t deal with open houses or inspections. They don’t deal with waiting. So if you’re not a big fan of the waiting game then take them, or the likes of them, up on their offers.

You can find a comprehensive list of speedy home-selling hacks here.

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