Monday, August 14, 2017

Replacement Can Cost An Arm And A Leg But Repair Doesn't

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A good, long-lasting car will be able to give you the freedom you desire, not just for the first couple of years that you use it, but many many years after the initial break in phase. Replacing some parts of a car is incredibly expensive and can punch a large hole in your finances. Such large payments can disrupt your life immeasurably and put any other obligations you might have in peril. You may also have to put family expenses on hold while you recuperate back up to where you were. It's a very simple regimen to understand, but many people fall short of it, and that’s because regular maintenance and scheduled testing requires consistency. There are no miracle cures to detrimental problems once they are allowed to fester and flourish. Cars are machines and anything that is man made, no matter how advanced can and will break down. Financially, you should be looking at your car as an investment, and upkeep it like you would any other kind.

Shattering glass

Cars have adopted a much more sloped approach to their aerodynamics. Even cars in the affordable price ranges, all now have pointed front designs and smart aero lines down the side to direct airflow away from the car. However, the more sleek and flatter the cars get, the more complex it becomes to design and fit windshields to them. Manufacturers have fully embraced the aftermarket businesses that keep drivers on the road and satisfied with their purchases. Even if you have a stone chip on your windshield, due to the faster-flowing air of aerodynamic designs, it puts slightly more pressure on them. Direct sunlight can also make the glass expand, which in turn, spreads the small crack, making it larger and larger. Coupled with the increase in pressure, at any moment the windshield could shatter or collapse inward while you’re driving. 

To prevent this dangerous event from occurring, seek the services of a professional automotive glass replacement business that can also do repairs. Not only can the strength be restored to the windshield, the repair is instantaneous, with no need to hide from the rain or the sun. You’re able to drive away immediately, and what’s more is, a replacement of the windshield is known to be a very costly purchase. The tempered glass costs more to make, as well as be fitted properly, which will mean your car is out of action, potentially for a couple of hours to a day. Repairing is the financially smart decision to make, so it’s best not to stave it off before it gets worse.

Seized engine

Many people forget or a too lazy to change the oil regularly of their car. The importance of this thick liquid cannot be underestimated as it is the blood that flows around the moving parts, and allows them to move. It also stops parts from grinding against each other from friction, which can damage the cylinders, block, timing belt, crank and drive shafts, as well as flow down through to the clutch. The danger is very real, as a seized engine cannot be saved. This is because the engine will need to be taken apart vigorously at a garage, and the parts will be too damaged to be put back together. Essentially, the engine is useless at that point. A new engine, especially if you have a car of the newer generation, can cost thousands of dollars and sometimes head into the five-figure range. 

It's important to realize that you need a high-quality engine oil, that can flow through the engine in both the extremes of hot and cold. A good oil won’t become too thin during a hot day, and yet it will remain in a liquid form ready for the engine to be started on a freezing cold morning. It's also financially savvy, if you take your engine into a garage, preferably the specialist garage in the brand and model of your car, and go through a port and polish. Aside from the major components, parts of the engine will be taken out, cleaned, smoothed and put back again. Not only will this increase horsepower but also the longevity of the engine.

Replacing an engine or the entire windshield are both very costly things to do, and they take potentially hundreds to thousands of dollars to fix. Repairing any parts you can see are damaged, and doing so, ahead of time before the issue is allowed to spiral out of control, is the financially savvy thing to do. Many drivers push the problem to the back of their mind until suddenly, it comes back to haunt them. Don’t put yourself in a position which gives your short term relief, but long term financial pain.

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