Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Spotting Real Opportunity For Real Estate Riches

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Investing in any kind of market is about being eagle-eyed, more than it’s about developing any particular kind of smarts. No method is going to work 100% of the time. Rather, it’s about knowing what to do with the opportunities you have and knowing which opportunities are worth pouncing on. Here, we’re going to look at the opportunistic investor’s guide to reaping riches in real estate.

Appeal that never goes away

There are, of course, some markets that tend to always be particularly profitable. Luxury properties are one example of that. Areas of great beauty, like lakefront or beachfront areas, make for great investment potential, too. If you can find land for sale in areas like those with the chance to develop your own property on them, you can stand to make a lot of money. It’s all about getting to know the area, who it appeals to, what kind of community it might be joining, and developing or buying the property to match the area’s appeal.

Finding hidden potential

Then, of course, there are the properties that could use a lot of love. Fixer-uppers aren’t easy investments. Most people hesitate to buy them because most buyers are homeowners who might not want to spend that much time working on their home. Otherwise, profiting with fixer-uppers is about being smart. Have a professional take a look before you buy so you know how extensive and expensive your work might be. If it’s in the right location, it might be ready for a transformation into a more up-market property. If it’s an older home, then it will have plenty of appeal precisely because of that. It’s about doing the math and seeing how the work you do on it subtracts from the profit potential.

An eye on the long-term

Location is important, of course. The most profitable locations aren’t necessarily luxury neighborhoods, however, but rather they might be growth areas. There are a few signs that an area is on its way up. Newly opened restaurants and delicatessens. A lowering age demographic in an area. New amenities or workplaces opening in the area. The sooner you start to get a reliable sense that an area is improving, you want to snap on it. Sooner or later, others are going to notice. When they do, asking prices will raise and potential profits will drop.

Knowing what to do with it

Of course, knowing an opportunity is all about know what to do with it. The tips above might seem like they’ve been focused primarily on selling, but sometimes turning a property into a rental cash cow might be a better idea. Rental vacation properties in popular areas are always in demand, for instance. Areas that are particularly attractive to students or young professionals can also yield some high rent returns.

It’s hard to be flexible in a market that can move as slowly as real estate. But with the tips above, you will have a much better chance of spotting the opportunities that work for you now.

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