Tuesday, August 1, 2017

What You Can Get From Warrior Trading

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When you are looking for a solution to your career questions, it is smart to look towards day trading. Day trading can be lucrative endeavor, if you have the time and inclination to learn how to do it properly. 

More than 90% of day traders lose money. That is a fact. But the small percentage that ends up in the black are educated and trained to spot hot stocks and take advantage of them. Where does that training come from.

Glad you asked. It comes from day trading education sites like Warrior Trading. You can go to this interactive brokers homepage to see all the resources that their team of veteran instructors offers for novice traders. It ranges from online video courses to free chat room days that help aspiring traders get the lay of the land to trading simulators that offer risk-free practical experience in a paper trading environment.

Day trading education starts with learning the techniques and strategies to be able to spot patterns in a chaotic market. Volatility is good for day tradings in the same way it is bad for long term investors. There are daily opportunities for profit in examining smaller companies and lower-tier stocks that can move 40-50% on earnings news or other catalysts. 

For the gap & go strategy, in particular, there are technical indicators like the float, or number of share available for purchase on the market, that allow you to spot gappers that are about to shoot up. Warrior Trading teaches you how to find these stocks that are gapping up, or prices higher in the morning than they were at the close of the market the previous day.

That is just one strategy that Warrior Trading can teach new traders trying to break into the market. And after you complete the courses to be an educated day trader, it pays to spend time in a paper trading environment in order to get the experience necessary to move forward into real trading. Warrior instructors insist on encouraging new traders to hit $200 a day in profits in a simulator for at least a month, before going out into the regular market.

And Warrior Trading has a chat room that allows novice traders and veteran traders to hang out, trade tips and watch Warrior instructors call out positions and trade in real time. The educational aspect of the free day trading chat room is unmatched by rival day trading education sites.

For more on Warrior Trading and what the instructors can do for your day trading education, search for Warrior Trading on Twitter.

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