Monday, September 18, 2017

Supplemental Income: 4 Sources To Consider

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A supplemental income is a necessity for the majority of working people. It’s not an income that’s designed to replace the money you earn through your day job; it’s a top-up, a little bit extra, which can help to plug holes in your budget as well or give you a little extra fun spending money. 

A supplemental income should be relatively easy to attain; there’s no point effectively needing to take on a second job for this purpose, it should be simpler than that. You need methods that don’t take much time or investment, but which can reward you with a financial cash boost when required. 

Below are four different forms of supplemental income that you should consider. They’re not going to make you rich, but they could improve your life immeasurably.

#1 - Survey Sites 

Survey sites are relatively simple. You sign up to a site, fill in a demographic profile, and then you answer questions from brands regarding your preferences. You will be rewarded with cash -- or points you can then convert into cash -- for your time. It’s not going to make you a fortune, but it can be a nice little side earner.

Top Tip: Always cash money out from survey sites as soon as you are able to. Sites can fold at any time and you don’t want them to do so when you have a high balance pending.

#2 - Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes are simple; you enter a competition, then you sit back and hope that you will win the grand prize. This prize might be money or goods; it depends on the sweepstakes that you enter. It’s easy to do and can be lucrative if you enter enough, so it’s worth giving this cash-generating method a go. 

Top Tip: Have a read through the article Publishers Clearing House Review – Is it a Scam or Legit?; this will give you an idea of how a sweepstakes company should operate and whether it’s worth entering a draw with a company you find online.

#3 - Delivering Leaflets

Local businesses are the best source for leafleting. Contact businesses near you and ask if they are intending to distribute flyers at any point; this could be takeout menus, promotional ads, or just company announcements. It’s rarely regular work but it can be a nice side gig if you show you are reliable.

Top Tip: You will usually find it easier to walk or jog between streets rather than climbing in and out of a car, plus you’ll save money on gas -- ensuring a better profit from your efforts.

#4 - Selling To Friends and Family

There are a number of companies that operate on a direct-selling basis, where you host parties or sell to friends and family in a casual way. The great thing about direct selling is that there’s no cold calling; you use your existing contacts and see if the products you’re selling could be beneficial to them. You will get commission on any sales you make. 

Top Tip: There are many direct selling opportunities you could consider. Before you agree to work with a company, think about who among your social circle you think you could sell the company’s items to -- you need to be sure of a consumer base from the moment you sign up.

With any combination of the above, you should find plenty of ways to add a little extra to your income, and improve your life one step at a time.

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