Monday, September 25, 2017

Using Social Media To Boost Your Finance Career

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Working in the financial industry is a tough business. The various recent financial crises have led to a cultural shift where people tend to move from firm to firm rather than staying anywhere long term. It’s also meant that the job market is more competitive, meaning you need to stand out to stand the best chance of landing a job. Social media is a fantastic place to network within the finance industry, and using it to your advantage could boost your career. Take a look at the following tips on how to use social media to your professional advantage.

Get yourself a LinkedIn account

LinkedIn is the most popular social media platform for professional networking. Unlike Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn is a platform that is specifically targeted at businesses and job seekers and can be a great way to find out more about the industry you work in, and help others to find out about you. If you’re unsure about how to use LinkedIn to your advantage, it’s worth reading up on how to make the most of your LinkedIn profile to make sure you get out of it what you can. You could even contribute articles to LinkedIn to help demonstrate your interest and expertise in finance.

Join the conversation on Twitter

While Twitter is a microblogging platform, it is a great place for sharing news and debate and is a popular way to find out about jobs too. Rather than simply using Twitter to talk about what you thought of last night’s Game of Thrones, use it to talk about your professional interests. Follow influencers in your field and connect with them - it’s a great way to get your name out there and to make some contacts. 

Show off your interests and hobbies

Most people will include details of interests and hobbies on their resumes, but how can you demonstrate that? Social media is a great way to indulge in your passions and to share them with others, so sharing details of your different social media profiles could be vital for people wanting to find out more about the real you, rather than what they see on paper. He might be an analyst, but Chris Pivik is also a keen photographer, who shares his hobby through Flickr. Being able to link to your profiles to show off your interests and expertise is a great idea for helping employers to notice you, and could be what you need to get an edge over others.

Write a blog

Blogs are a fantastic way to show off your knowledge and experience, things that are important if you want to land a dream job in finance. Writing a blog about something you know well such as investments, money-saving tips or personal finance shows that you genuinely have an interest in the industry, and could connect you to people in ways you didn’t think possible. Getting started with blogging is simple and doesn’t have to cost you anything so you could get started today and start getting your name out there.

Social media can also help you out if you’re planning to start your own business, especially if you’re finding the job market tough. As well as being a place for networking, social media is an effective marketing tool - one you can use to advantage if you know how to use it right. Take some time to think about your online presence and whether or not you could use it to boost your financial career.

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