Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Play By Your Own Rules, Not Anybody Else’s

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When it comes to your personal finance, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is making decisions based on other people’s rules, not your own. You can’t go through life trying to follow what everyone is doing. If you assume control of your life, you’ll have a happier and more fulfilling life, and it’ll also make a big difference to your financial situation. Below, we take a look at a few ways you can begin to rethink your approach to the big matters.

Make Your Job Work For You

The world is kinda odd when you stop to think about it. People are being asked to work more extended hours than ever before, usually, in jobs they don’t enjoy, to get money for things they don’t really want to buy. Instead of assuming that you need to have 40+ hours a week, career-track job, why not think about how you really want to spend your time? If you trim your needs down to the essentials, then you may be able to work for only twenty hours a week, which would free up a lot of time for you to pursue your other interests.

New Housing Thinking

Like your job, it’s also worth rethinking about the kind of place you want to live. Everybody is after that big home with five bedrooms, but why? Larger homes are more difficult to manage and much more expensive. We strive to own one because we think we should, not because we really want to. There are other, better, more affordable options available. Take a look at mobile homes for sale, and you’ll see that the prices are much more attractive, and you won’t lose any of the comforts of a regular home, either. It’s about finding the accommodation that works for you and your budget.

Homestead Gardening

You have three necessities in life: shelter, water, and food. The latter is where much of our weekly budget goes. We think that it’s inevitable that we must go to the supermarket and pay other people to give us food. In reality, we can more in control of our food than we think we can. It’s never been easier to grow - and then eat - your own food. Take a look at how to grow vegetables and start eating food you’ve produced yourself!

Goodbye to the Joneses’

It’s important to keep in mind what motivates you. If it’s coming from somewhere inside of you, then that’s worth pursuing. If you’re doing something because you want to match your neighbors, friends, or family, then that’s not worth pursuing. You’ll save yourself a lot of money and stress if you don’t worry about keeping up with other people!

Thinking Outside The Box

Ultimately, living is about doing what you want to do. Get creative, think about what is possible, and then do that. Living any other way will only bring you problems. Once you’ve established your own rules, you’ll be in greater command of your finances and overall happiness.

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