Saturday, November 25, 2017

It's True What They Say, Crime Doesn't Pay!

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Have you ever been tempted to commit a small crime? The general thinking behind these types of crimes is that they don’t hurt anyone and make your life a lot easier. But you have to be careful here because there are quite a few seemingly small crimes that carry seriously high financial costs if you get caught. And, you will get caught. Let’s look at a few of these possibilities and the traps that you could fall into trying to get the most out of these scams.


Ever thought about fronting? What is fronting? Well, let’s say you live in the middle of a city. The cost of insurance here for a car is always going to be a great deal more expensive. Ah, but your friends live way out in a rural area where the crime rate is exceptionally low. Their insurance is super cheap, so you give the insurance company their address and say that’s where the car is being stored. It’s a dangerous game because if the insurance company finds out, they can do everything from charging you a higher premium that includes back payments for past years you have claimed on insurance to seeking legal action. This can result in a heavy fine and may leave you in you being blacklisted by insurance companies. These are the type of costs that you will certainly want to avoid.


You might say that you would never commit piracy. But have you ever streamed something online without the permission of the owner of the media? If that’s the case, you have indeed committed piracy and companies are getting far more strict with how they handle these types of issues. In the past, they would only target the individuals who were responsible for sharing the media in the first place. Now, there have been actions against people who have watched the content without sharing.

The maximum jail sentence for piracy is currently set at ten years, and fines can range in the high thousands. Of course, this isn’t the biggest cost. The biggest cost is finding the lawyer who will handle a reversal of a decision that will most likely be given if you are found guilty of piracy. Luckily, you will always find appellate court lawyers nearby where you live who can help you with this and make sure that you do not end up in a difficult situation.

Providing False Details

Whether you are trying to get a job, buying a home or perhaps even attempting to rent an apartment, it can be tempting to provide false information that will give you a greater chance of accomplishing your goal. However, providing false information to official channels is indeed a crime and can get you in a lot of trouble, leading to expensive fees, and we’re not just talking about the cost of hiring a lawyer this time. If you are found guilty of this crime, the judge can end up charging you a lot of money depending on what you were using the false info for.

As you can see then, it’s true what they say. Crime, even small crimes, do not pay.

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