Tuesday, November 21, 2017

You Can't Possibly Afford A Video Game Care In Real Life... Or Can You?

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This year saw the return of the Gran Turismo game series after a long, four year hiatus. Now, if you are anything like us, then your love of cars probably comes from the deep-rooted obsession you had with the first Gran Turismo game, which came out way back when the PlayStation One was fresh on the shelves. Sure, the graphics weren’t great and the unavoidable scratches made certain tracks unplayable, but that is irrelevant; this was a game that was more realistic than looking out of your bedroom.

That’s what makes this franchise so special. It’s the fact there are over a thousand real-life and licensed cars to be enjoyed. It offers the Average Joe and Johanna the chance to test drive the latest from Lamborghini and Bugatti, as well as some of the hybrid supers that have been made by the Mercedes SLS team. Essentially, Gran Turismo is your chance to leap into the cockpit of every dream car that is impossibly out of reach for almost everyone because they cost more than your kidney, lungs and brain re worth on the Black Market.

However, they aren’t all out of reach. That’s right, there is a slew of cars that offer plenty of fun that are - possibly - within the grasp of your budget when you know how to finance them, and they’re the ones we are going to focus on. So, without further ado, head onto Google, buy a slogan t-shirt that reads “I can afford a car that’s in Gran Turismo” and then pull up outside your mates house because these cars are packed full of vroom-vroom.

Subaru WRX

The Mitsubishi Evo or Subaru Impreza was a decision that divided friendships quicker than the Marmite argument but, in reality, there is no competition. The Subaru WRX just casts a spell over all those that catch a glimpse of it. It is a car that stirs up something deep inside of us, and the latest release - the fourth generation - will blow your socks off. It has taken its twenty-year pedigree and showed us what we have always loved about it. The turbocharged engine, that infamous silhouette and the handling that made this car a world rally champion so many times. However, what makes the latest release so special is the modern touches. It’s the highly sophisticated infotainment system, the luxury comforts, breathtakingly stylish cockpit and the state of the art tech. Here is the real kicker, though, there are Subaru finance schemes available to make your dream a reality. This car used to be for those that wanted to leave other cars choking on dust. But now, this car is for those that want to leave other cars in the dust while enjoying the comforts of a car that can be driven every day.

Mazda RX-7

Now this car may have stopped coming off the production line fifteen years ago, but it remains a hero that is still worth getting your hands on. It isn’t just the fact this car was a drifting-superstar in the game, it is the fact it is a crisp, clean and simple car that manages to turn heads no matter where it is driven. That shape is about as iconic as a Christmas tree, with the pop-up lights and smallish wheels only adding to its allure. In terms of which model you should get your hands on, the third generation is by far our favourite; the FD. Twin-turbocharged engine with a twin-rotor powertrain this thing packed a punch, even if it is just a 1.3L. It did 0-62 in five seconds flat and hit highs of 156 mph. That is staggering. Sure there are flaws, like the non-adjustable steering wheel and the fact it lacks a little headroom, but by using these classic car loan tips, you’ll find out this is still a glorious car that will make you smile from ear to ear.

Chrysler 300C

The statement this car made was something special, and it still has that in its arsenal. It is the chance to feel like a Mafia Don as you ride around town. Yes, this statement costs a premium. However, you get plenty of other things for your money too, starting with the performance, running through the luxury and ending at the ambience. Rear-wheel drive automatics have fallen out of favour in recent years, but the 500C is proof of what is possible. The obvious flaw - as anyone who has ever stepped inside or seen one of these up close will attest - is the build quality. Our favourite shape is the 2005 to 2011, but we can’t deny our love for the new models - especially the 2017 edition. This is our favourite to own and buying second hand is our top tip when it comes to affording one. The reason it is our fave is simple: it is still unapologetically bold, but it is also super well-equipped with modern tech, as comfortable as anything else out there and surprisingly quiet too. It is practical and it boasts a V8 option; now that is cool.

Subaru Legacy

Yeah, our first port of call has competition from within its own ranks because the Subaru Legacy is another option that cannot be ignored. It may not have the yeehaw appeal of the WRX, but it certainly a great option for a family that has to live with the muck and yuck of everyday life. What makes the 2017 model so delightful is the added style it has been given. Yes, it has been given a sporty trim both on the outside and in. The result: it deserves a second glance when you are window shopping, maybe even a third glance. What really sets this apart from its competitors, however, is its all-weather driving capabilities. Some of you are probably reading this from a geographical location where the weather is a big factor in life and having a car to meet those demands is crucial. Oh, and it has a much better fuel efficiency rating than its competitors. Now we know that is a wholly un-Gran-Turismo thing to say but, in real life, that is an important factor (probably more important than how well it drifts).

And there we have it, three manufacturers and four cars that are well worth considering in real life the next time you are thinking about an upgrade. Come on, just imagine how happy the kid inside you will be if you get to see one of these sat on your driveway each morning.

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