Saturday, January 12, 2019

3 Golden rules to follow while taking out loans – Don’t miss any one of them

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In an ideal situation, everyone would have enough funds to pay for all their needs but the reality is far different from that. Majority of us have very few funds left in our bank accounts and hence the only option for us is to borrow money from lending institutions. Considering the banks and other lenders, this yawning gap between the consumer’s income and expenses seem to be their biggest opportunity on carry on their business. In fact, the lenders are already carpet-bombing the customers with loan offers that they send them through SMSs, mails and also over phone calls.

With the changes brought about by technology, you can not only get payday loans online but all sorts of lenders are available online waiting to meet your needs. They will just take 10 seconds to disburse a loan amount to their customers through net banking. But before you opt for loans, here are few of the golden rules that you need to follow.

Golden Rule #1: Borrow only an amount which you can pay back

The foremost rule of smart borrowing is something that the older generation has been advising us since years – ‘live within your means’. Make sure you take out a loan that you can repay easily. A thumb rule that you should follow is that your car loan installments should never surpass 15% and the personal loan instalments shouldn’t account for 10% of your net income that you make in a month. The total monthly income that you make towards all the loans shouldn’t be more than 50% of the monthly income.

Golden Rule #2: The loan term should be as short as it should be

The home loan tenure that is provided by few of the major lenders is 30 years. You have to understand the calculation that the longer the tenure is, the more will be the payment towards interest rate. However, it is always better to take out loans with shorter time period so that you can pay less on interest rates. On the contrary, if you take out short term loans from online sites like, you will get high interest loans for a short span of time as they don’t have any collateral and they offer loans to people with poor credit as well.

Golden Rule #3: Ensure paying back on time

As long as repayment of dues is concerned, you should be on time while repaying debts. Whether it’s a short term loan like a payday loan or a cash advance loan or a long term loan like a car or a home loan, you should never forget to make payments on time as this will lead to accumulated interest rates which will lead to debt. Also take care of your credit card payments as they carry the highest interest rate.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can take out a loan and yet stay in financial peace, make sure you follow the golden rules mentioned above.

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