Thursday, January 26, 2012

FDCPA rules to help you stop harassment from debt collection

Not all debtors are able to repay the borrowed amount. In such cases lenders seek solutions to realize the debts. The lenders most of the times seek rude ways to acquire the amount from debtors. However, the Government has issued laws under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, whereby lenders are supposed to deal with debtors in lenient ways; ways entailing the fact that debtors should not be subject to any kinds of forcible harassments. Most importantly if an individual feels that he/she is harassed by the lender, then the individual can take three fundamental steps to stop debt collectors from troubling him/her. The three common steps are discussed below:
  • Ascertaining whether an amount is left to be paid
  • Reviewing rights of the debtor
  • Taking legal steps to fight against violation of rules

The FDCPA has been formed to ensure that fair methods to be adopted while debts are collected from borrowers. Being enforced by FTC (Federal Trade Commission), the FDCPA with the help of private attorneys help see to that no wrongful method is adopted while the money is realized from them. Here are some of the FDCPA rights the debtor can make use of in order to stop debt collectors:

  • Ask the debt collector to not repeat calls
  • Hang up the phone call if the collector continues with the same act
  • Send an effective letter to the debt collector
  • Let the collector know about a convenient time when you can pick his call
  • Do not let the collector call you during odd times
  • Stop debt collectors from calling you at your work place
  • You have the right to send or relay a cease letter that clearly mentions to stop debt collectors from entering into further communication
  • You can record the calls made to you by the debt collector
  • Appoint an attorney to seek legal action against debt collection harassments
So, here is what you can do to stop debt collectors from harassing you.

The author, Aalina Jones here provides smart suggestions on stop debt collectors. This article will certainly help people gather plenty of information regarding debt collection.

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