Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tips on renting a car overseas

Depending on what country you plan on traveling to, sometimes renting a car overseas can not only be cheaper, but more convenient as well.

Finding a company to rent a car from is incredibly easy when you’re traveling because most major airports usually have rental car companies that offer 24-hour assistance. Sometimes you can find a better deal renting from a local rental car provider; however, these companies tend to have inconvenient hours or even employees who don’t speak English, depending on what country you are traveling in.

Once you decide on a company, you will have to make a booking using your credit card, and you will also have to provide additional information regarding your insurance policies and possibly your past driving record and history as well. First off you must sit down with the car rental agency and force them to outline every single part of the contract. Some car rental companies will charge you if you don’t return the car at a certain time, while others will charge you if the gas tank isn’t full when the car is returned, and of course if there was any damage to the car as well.

Also, when you first pick up your rental car, be extra careful that you inspect every inch of the vehicle to make sure there is no damage, otherwise the company could charge you if they think that you were the one who caused the damage.

If you plan on crossing any borders with your car, you will need to make sure if the company will allow you to do so as well.

Be extra careful to read the fine print before you sign any documents as well, as some companies like to ding customers with various hidden charges. Furthermore, some companies add additional charges especially when they rent out vehicles at airports, such as a 20% surcharge fee for the rental rate (international car rental taxes are usually 10 to 30 percent above the estimated rate).

Furthermore, when renting a car in another country be sure to only sign a contract written in English, just to be on the safe side, and make sure the employee clarifies what type of fuel should be put in the car as well.

And last, but certainly not least, before you head out on your trip it may also be a good idea to register for an International Driving Permit (IDP) before you drive so your license can be translated in multiple languages.

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