Saturday, May 26, 2012

When to Use Retail Credit Cards

Retail credit cards offer many advantages to customers based on the company that they belong. However, these cards have higher interest rates than non-retailer cards, but provide many benefits with no downside if the balance is cleared on a monthly basis. All retail cards are subject to credit approval and the applicant must meet all conditions. Here is a list of some of the largest stores with their credit card rewards.
Best Buy
The Best Buy retail card has various options targeted for rewards with smart financing. For example, it allows for customers that make a one time purchase of at least $499.00 to pay back in full during the next following 18 months without interest. In addition, if the customer spends $299 at one purchase, there is a six-month period to make a full payment without interest. Meanwhile, purchases under $299 get a no interest grace period of 3 months if paid in full. Best Buy also has a reward zone program where you accumulate points with purchases. This reward program provides 1 point for every dollar that is spent on financial offers and two reward points for every spent dollar on any store purchase without a finance promotion.
Amazon’s Visa card provides customers with a $30 off instant gift card for first time users with 1,500 bonus points included. Customers get reward points on all purchases like one point for every other dollar spent, two points for every dollar purchase at eligible locations, and three points per dollar spent on their site. Exchange reward points to pay for full or partial purchases since one hundred points are equal to one US dollar. Furthermore, redeem points for gift cars, cash backs, and travel to name a few. This card is accepted everywhere that Visa is accepted with no annual fees and is great for regular Amazon customers.
Wal-Mart has two retail cards available called the Wal-Mart Discover and Wal-Mart credit card. Customers get $20 back on first card acquisitions of $100 or higher at their site. Although, the purchase must be done on the day that the account was opened to receive the $20 rebate. A Wal-Mart Discover card has more perks than the in-store card since it provides up to one percent cash back on purchases. Both cards have no annual fees, no fraud liability, cash advances for purchases, and 5 cents per gallon savings at some of Wal-Mart’s Gas National gas stations.
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