Wednesday, October 10, 2012

5 stumbling blocks to your Entrepreneurship dream

Nowadays, it’s no more about your certificate, it’s not about the degree you earn, but how much you are able to build your capacity for success, being rich or poor is a matter of choice, there is a place for hard work.

Climbing the ladder of success is not that easy, it is not just a day's job, you have got to be made, then you are ready for the journey.

It started from your education, but it is never based on the degree you own. The major players in the business world were drop outs, they had a thing in mind, and they faced it, and they succeeded.

Becoming an entrepreneur, involves a lot of sacrifice, but it takes only the man of vision to succeed. If you have got no vision to do business, I mean your personal/created business, it is better you take your certificate and get a job to survive.

There are so many hurdles in becoming an entrepreneur. Let’s take a look at 5 of them.


For real, it isn't easy, especially in my own kind of environment when thing are not working, but if you had learnt to face challenges, you will find yourself breaking loose and riding at the top. Becoming an entrepreneur entails a lot of challenges, the major being capital.

Sometimes, you don't really need big amount to get something started, and if you had need a sum, never let that weigh down your entrepreneurship dream. Whenever the dream comes, always act on it and never let fear weigh you down, make moves on how you can get the capital, at least part of it to get something started.

One way of doing that is by getting a loan, talking to family members, or open up a partnership, by the time you begun to move around to get the problem solved, you will surely get a solution.


Procrastination is an enemy of time, pushing things that is suppose to get done today till tomorrow is dangerous enough to crumble a entrepreneurship dream, you are suppose to make all arrangements and get started immediately, but you kept on delaying. I was suppose to start up a piggery farm, I needed to talk to an old man who has a pig farm so as to get knowledge as well as some space to set up my piggery, I pushed the appointment of meeting the old man by one week, and unfortunately for me, when I was ready, the man has already travelled, I had to wait for another 3 months before the old man resurfaced, never delay, make all arrangement, meet necessary people on time, an get started as an entrepreneur.

-Bad company

People you move with had a lot of influence over your life, most of my friends are of the idea of getting a degree and get a good, settle down and get married, but personally, I am not into all this, I love freedom, spending my energy on myself, never like somebody to be bossy over me, I loved to do something on my own, but they were not motivating me, even killing my spirit and dream instead, but I have to break loose, not that I totally de-friend them, I had to move far to them, and make a distant contact, I looked for new friends, people of the same dreams and visions, entrepreneurs and intending entrepreneurs like myself, guess what? The experience was so wonderful; you will see yourself getting the energy to move on.


As an entrepreneur, I wanted to start up an online business which I had learnt so well, but I had no laptop, internet was so expensive here, and the worst of all, power is damn bad. At first, I was thinking it would never be possible for me to run these internet deals due to these limitations, but one day, I said to myself, "Rise above your limitation". a friend had got a laptop which is not so useful to him, another had got a modem, a neighbor works with a generating set almost 24 hours a day, I just have to talked to them, and after getting those things, I kicked off, and within months, I am able to solve the problems one after other, I started by getting a generator, my own laptop, and now I got modems from different providers. As a successful entrepreneur, you have to look beyond the limitation, never say it is impossible because situations had rose against you.


Successful entrepreneurs don't give excuses, always say "it is possible" instead of "its not possible", always admit that it has not got done because you had not acted. Excuses paralyses dream, don't allow it to pull down your entrepreneurship dreams.

You can make it, you can be a great entrepreneur, just be bold and get started and before you know it, you will be riding at the top.

Konga Felix is an entrepreneur, blogger and writer; he also shows people that can give an instant loan.

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