Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Best And Worst Times To Buy A House

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Buying a house is a massive financial commitment. It’s the biggest purchase most people will ever make and will keep your money tied up for a long time. The mortgage debts in addition to the upkeep costs and insurance will take a significant chunk of your funds. That’s why before you buy a house, you need to make sure it’s the right time.

Of course, your financial situation is the main factor in deciding. But there are many life circumstances which can also affect the choice. There’s a lot of things that you should consider before you delve into home ownership. Here are some of the best and worst times to buy a house.

The Best: When Starting A Family

Many people might hold off on buying a house for a long time. But when you’re starting a family, it’s the ideal time to make the commitment. You’ll most likely be staying in one place to raise your child. Marriage also helps with taxes, and if you have two incomes, it’ll be easier to handle home costs.

If you’re looking into buying a family home, make sure you get one in the right area. The best locations are ones close to schools and in safe neighborhoods. Be sure to go to plenty of viewings and find somewhere you’d be happy to raise a family. Make sure you also plan for a mortgage. You can find some tips from

The Best: When Prices Are Low

Naturally, it makes sense to buy a house when your finances are high. But don’t use too much of your money- wait until you find a great deal.

To find a great, affordable home, you may have to be proactive in searching. There are many search engines which let you find real estate in your area. You can also look at sites for certain areas, like and many others.

The time of the year can also affect house prices. In fact- now might be a better time than ever! Winter is the best time to buy, according to this article Statistics show 50% of homes are sold in summer. Fewer people buy in the colder seasons, so you may be able to get better deals and have the upper hand in negotiations.

The Worst: When You’ve Just Graduated

When you’ve finished up your education and got your degree, it’s time to take on the world. Some people might think the next best step is to buy a house, but most times it’s far from practical.

Most graduates will have a mountain of student debt to handle. It’s much better to wait until you’re more financially stable to take on owning a home. Also, you may plan to move around for better work opportunities. It’s best to rent and focus on advancing your career before buying a house.

The Worst: When You’re Moving

There are many situations in life where you may move home. For instance, you may be pursuing a career opportunity, education or simply want a change of scene. Individuals or families might consider buying a house in their new location, but it’s better to wait.

It’s best to rent a home before buying in a new location. It will give you time to get a sense of the area and figure out whether you’re ready to buy. In some cases, you may not decide to stay. Living in a rental home temporarily also relieves some stress and panic, allowing you to make decisions more logically.

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