Friday, November 18, 2016

The Tricks You're Not (But Should Be) Using To Grow Your Wealth

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You might think that you have to be rich to start building wealth seriously. Some people are just lucky to have enough money to reach investment options. Then they can start using them to generate even more cash. The wheel keeps on spinning and your situation doesn’t change. The fact is that most people have the power to grow their wealth without realizing it. We’ll look at a few ways below.

Pay yourself first

It’s the golden rule of wealth building, but not everyone has heard of it. You might think ‘but I spend most of my money for myself’. That’s not paying yourself first. It’s about contributing towards financial growth before any money starts going out. Not after you’ve paid rent, bought groceries and treated yourself. Make a budget to see how much you can afford to pay yourself first. Pay it out as soon as you get a paycheck, so it’s not lingering in your bank account, liable to be spent.

Do a credit cleanup

Over a lifetime, bad credit is going to cause you a lot of financial headaches. Yet there are a few tips to cleaning up your record you might not have considered. You already know it’s important to pay loans on time. But did you know that it damages your credit to keep open credit cards that you’re not using? Or that paying loans off early can also negatively affect your score? Even being on the electoral role can improve your credit score.

Use your assets

If you own a home or a car, you have some serious money making potential there already. For instance, with your home, consider renting out space for storage. Whether it’s in the loft or the driveway, there are a lot of people willing to pay for usable space. This option is, however, better for those who have already paid off their mortgage. In some cases, it can even be tax free income.

Go overseas

Savings and fixed income investments are safe ways to grow your wealth slowly. But what if you could take the security of those investments but benefit from a lot more growth? There are many wealth management products available in overseas banks. For instance, you can get the same fixed income investment deal. But because of globalization and rise of overseas economies far faster than established ones, you end up with a lot more interest.

Start a side business

Starting a business is perhaps one of the most reliable ways to have a crack at taking control of your own finances. But you don’t have to quit your day job and put all your effort towards a risky new venture. Instead, consider the many side businesses you can easily run from your own home in your space time. Get used to how to run a business while still relying on your primary income. That experience can greatly benefit you when you decide to really take off on your own.

Building wealth requires nothing but discipline and a little ingenuity. There are methods everyone can use, no matter their situation, to earn more. Hopefully, the tips above help you find yours.

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