Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Bringing In Some Financial Balance: It's Not All That Hard!

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One of life’s biggest stressors is money. There’s two camps when it comes to money: you have the camp who enjoy life to the fullest and don’t worry about the future and you have the camp that save every penny that they can to make sure the future is preserved. The thing is, money is still a stress for both camps! Those who haven’t thought too much about the future have the niggling thought that they aren’t prepared for retirement and all that comes with it. Those who are vigilant with their savings have the niggling stress that they don’t live enough for today. Finding a balance among all that financial stress doesn’t always seem like it’s easy, but it can be.

Making decisions about your finances doesn’t have to be an obligation. Sure, money pays the bills and companies like are there to help when debts get too much and you need to give yourself some credit-worthiness again. But you can plan your finances without compromising your lifestyle and lead a life that is far more enjoyable. You could start by making finances more manageable and that includes planning ahead. Planning in blocks of five years at a time instead of looking toward retirement at all times could be easier than trying to push yourself for the rest of your life. You can prepare for more than one goal at a time without getting stressed out, and here’s how:

1. Prepare For Emergencies. Each month on your payday, set up an automatic transfer from your main account to your savings account. Doing this means you will never see the money before it leaves your balance, so you’re saving money without thinking about it. Having three to six months of savings is the recommended amount by any financial institution, but you don’t have to stress about that. As long as you have something backed up and set up for continuous savings, you’ll be fine!

2. Retirement Savings. Okay, so you may not want to look ahead but the years are short and they sure speed by! Maximise your retirement plan and see how your company 401(K) works. Your employer should offer you a price match option where they put in as much as you do, meaning you can de-stress a little about your later life savings.

3. Where There’s A Will. Get your estate and will details up to date and set in stone. This isn’t always financially set but it does mean you are covered should something happen to you. Make sure you have both a medical and a financial power of attorney listed and you can see why a will is so important by reading this article.

Your finances can be balanced. All of the above can be planned around your regular outgoings and your disposable income so that you can lead a life of financial balance and not be worried about the future ahead. There’s no need to penny-pinch when you have the finances aside to manage just fine!

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