Thursday, September 21, 2017

Is It Time To Change Career? Probably

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We’ve all felt career apathy from time to time. You reach a point at which you’re no longer sure if you hate your job or you’re just exhausted. The two things can often be linked but it’s important that you know for sure before you go ahead and quit your job. Sometimes, it can just be a rough patch. If you’re starting to pull your hair out as you ask yourself whether it’s time to change career then the answer is probably “yes”. Nonetheless, here are some potential issues which often point to the need for a new career. You might want to see if any of them apply.

You don’t like the way the office works.

This point could be interpreted in many different ways, of course. The point is that many professionals go into an industry because they love the subject matter and they want to put their technical skills to good use but they end up falling out of love with it because of the nature of their work environment, other employees, and the boss. It’s important to make the distinction between whether your career is wrong for you or you’re simply working at the wrong company. If you decide that you just don’t approve of the way things are run at your company then this may be a sign that you still love your career but need a new employer.

Make sure that you take any necessary action if you’re leaving your job because of a specific incident. Incompetent colleagues need to be mentioned to the boss, but an incompetent boss is a trickier subject to broach. Perhaps you’ve seen fraudulent activity take place or you’ve been the victim in an unsafe workplace and the boss is turning a blind eye to it. You might want to look into a personal injury attorney to result in compensation if you have been hurt through someone else’s negligence whilst on the job. Even if you’re leaving your job to start a new one (whether that’s in the same line of work or not), you shouldn’t keep quiet if you think your old workplace has serious issues that could affect current or future employees.

The salary isn’t enough.

This is perhaps an even more serious reason to change career than the previous one. If you think that you’re not being paid enough for what you’re doing then, yet again, it may not be a sign that you should quit the industry in which you’re working altogether but it’s certainly a sign that you can’t carry on in your current job role unless something changes. Before you make any drastic decisions, however, you should try to resolve the situation with your employer. You might be surprised to find that you’re not met with resistance and your situation was simply overlooked. Perhaps you’ll be able to negotiate and get the salary you’re actually owed by the company.

It’s important to understand that we’re not just talking about feeling as if it’d be “nice” to earn more money. We’re talking about noticing that your wages need to increase in line with current inflation and it’s yet to happen. We’re talking about that bonus you were promised but were never paid. You need to attempt to get what you’re owed but, even then, it might be time to look into a different employer if you’re tired of going through the headache of trying to get the money you deserve for the work you do.

You have bigger and better talents.

A final reason as to why you might feel ready to change career is that you feel have you bigger and better talents that could be used for bigger and better things. You might feel as if you’re not using your creative mind in your current job role, for example. And as nice as a salary may be or as comfortable as a certain industry may be, none of that means anything if you’re feeling individually unfulfilled in your current job role. Ask yourself whether the thought of a promotion to a better position within the company (or any company in your industry) would be something to which you could aspire. If the answer is no then this line of career, in general, is probably wrong for you.

Start doing some research. You’ve likely built up talents through working at one or many firms over the years so that time hasn’t been wasted. Maybe your calling is to use those and other talents to build your own business. Perhaps you’d feel more fulfilled in selling your skill set to potential clients because there are certainly companies out there willing to pay freelancers with a professional talent. You just need to go searching for your new calling.

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