Thursday, December 14, 2017

How can I manage my money better?

money manage
With the cost of living rising but not all wages rising accordingly, it can be a tricky time. It can feel like there is a constant need to be spending money, but in reality, there isn’t much to spend. So if you’re struggling from paycheck to paycheck, then something's got to give. Here are some ways that you can better manage your money, so that your money doesn’t manage you.

Get Help

If you are getting yourself into major financial trouble, then first of all, you need to seek help as soon as you can. It is going to be easier to deal with certain things before they get any worse. You could look at a site like as a way to consolidate any debt that you have, if that is the issue (which in many financial cases it will be). But it is also worth speaking to the lenders that you owe money to, to work out a different plan. Some lenders will have a scheme where you can have an interest-free break for a couple of months, so that you can get back on top of things. The most important thing is that you face up to the problems and don’t just leave bank statements or bills unopened. It can be hard, but take charge.

Set a Budget

This may seem like a simple option, but think about your finances and if you have sat down and budgeted. Most people that get into financial difficulty will not have set themselves a budget; they have no idea what they are spending or how much they should be spending. When you take charge and budget, you know where you are at. If you’re looking to save, then make sure that you budget to spend less than you earn. Put your savings in as part of your budget too.

Get Everything You’re Entitled To

If you work, pay your taxes, and still struggle, then it is completely worthwhile to check that you are getting everything that you are entitled to you. You may not qualify for full welfare, but there may be some child maintenance grants that you could get if you’re a parent, or working tax credits, if you’re working. Though these kinds of thing aren’t there to rely on all of the time, they can be a great help when you need them. So check what you are entitled to in your situation on a site like

Look For Ways To Increase Income

If you need a little extra cash, then looking for a way to get that can help to ease your financial burden. It could be another job or something that you can do from home like writing or looking for similar freelance work. If it can ease the financial burden, then it can be completely worth doing. And who knows, maybe you could make it into something that you do full time. Even if you’re just looking to save more, then this could be worth doing and the second income could be what you put into savings.

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