Friday, October 19, 2012

Have Financial Freedom with Reserves

Americans prefer to use their credit card often from buying simple daily bread to luxury items. At times this usage becomes so unmanageable that it crosses the credit card limit and people just crumble under the heavy debts.

Financial freedom is something that everyone strongly desires for, but having fewer amounts of debts in life is so common that gaining total control sometimes puts a question mark. Achieving financial freedom that too with little or no saving, it is similar to get eaten by a dinosaur.

Studies show that average people have savings below $7000 and that too they are having debts due to their credit card misuse. So having a good financial reserve really becomes a big question and we have to achieve a permanent solution for it.

When we are under the scope of no savings along with heavy debt, then we are bogged down to such an extent that we feel that we are left alone. Just make the point clear where you are thriving yourself and where you want to move ahead? Today we are going to discuss a little about why and how to become financially free.

Well, as the title suggests we will be stressing on the point that reserves are essential in order to attain financial freedom.

I think having reserves is quite important if you want to gain a financial freedom. Well, reserves are able to provide us with more than what we need. If we are having cash in our reserves then we do not have month of money to pay out the outstanding bills, we do have a year.

We do not have a year of income rather we have ten years. There are people who think of reserves in terms of money, like income, cash reserves, insurance and savings to mention a few. However, it is recommended to think beyond financial reserves.

To achieve financial freedom no doubt money reserves are the most sought after. However, do we know how good it is to become financially free without excellent health, a jolly good relationship and an amazing life?

There are some examples where one can easily increase their reserves like health ( that includes maintaining of health, weight, having good food habits and to do regular exercises). Next is relationship (that includes our healthy and loving connections with family and friends); space (that allows us to do what we want from whom we and when we want it); last but not least is the time (this allows us to complete all our activities with full attention).

If you are able to nurture the financial life in a better way then you can make your life enjoyable. These above examples are just minor places where you can concentrate your mind to increase the reserve. Take a minute just glance in your life and just focus on those areas where you need to develop yourself or build good reserves.

If we consider this article then we can confirm that achieving financial freedom begins with a full life of reserves that too including areas that are just beyond money.

Oliver Haskins, author of this article, is working with renowned contact center services for over a decade. He is having adept knowledge of lead generation, insurance call center, answering services, customer care, and other inbound and outbound call center services.

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